Reaper’s Challenge

Reapers Challenge 500“The Haze is on its way. That means if I kill you now you’ll come back to life. Have you ever felt the pain of death? I have. I know the agony that shoots through your body when your heart stops beating. I know the terror in the dark when you pass over, and I know the gut wrenching depression of coming back to life. If you don’t tell me who ordered the hit, and who your commander is I’ll kill you. Then, I’ll wait for you to come back and I’ll kill you again.



About The Author

T.J.Dipple was born in Birmingham and lived there for 24 years before moving to Stourbridge. He has been writing ever since he was at school and has always enjoyed Fantasy, especially heroic fantasy.

He has published several short stories in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror magazines and has just released his debut novel Reaper’s Challenge.

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