Appointment at The Edge of Forever

AppointmentEdgeForever 500Appointment At The Edge Of Forever

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Filion felt safe in his role as a Dream Searcher. He was paid to venture into other’s dreams and exert influence over individuals whom he would never meet in the flesh.

But that was until he received The Summoning. Filion has been called to track down and protect Ryo, the last of the Chozen. She is the only hope of preventing a tide of evil driven by the Afortiori and the prospect of universal slavery if they aren’t stopped.

Time is ticking and Filion has no idea of how to find Ryo let alone how to protect her, yet destinies of planets rest in her hands. Enlisting the help of a rag-tag band of mercenaries, Filion will set out to search the wastes for Ryo. Together they will confront an evil whose power they just might have fatally underestimated.

The imagination, flare and sheer creative genius of this science fantasy epic forces you into worlds of glorious high adventure. From the scary and sexy android to talking books, mind altering evil and a savior who doesn’t even know her own name you will never be disappointed.

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