Beyond Blue

Cover Beyond 500“After burning all bridges, Quinn enters a new world that is incomprehensible but fascinating. Right after his arrival in Tokyo , he gets sucked into a parallel world that is far from the postcard pictures. It is a world of murder, guilt, and lies. Caught in the nightlife of Shinjuku, the only escape becomes the indifferent world of the convenience store. Soon names become only a vague reminiscence of the past, and memory itself is called into question. Without anything reliable left, one starts to wonder which parts of life exist and which are imagined. The only element that remains consistent is jazz. The world becomes untrustworthy, spontaneous, and unpredictable. But only until one goes beyond.

With Quinn’s rejection of his own past, the work in the bar fulfils most of his needs at first, until he realises who he is working for. He becomes involved into his employer’s dirty business without knowing and is suddenly dependent on them.

Trying to find out what had really happened to his work colleague Ko-mori, he gets two innocent people involved in his trouble. His success to regain his identity no longer is a matter for himself, but he suddenly has become responsible for two other lives that are in danger without knowing it.

As he encounters guilt, murder, and identity loss, he is suddenly freed from all restrictions that Japan had set on him and suddenly has nothing to lose.



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