Beyond Time

Beyond Time 500Trained to police the timelines, Alex Swithen accidently creates a paradox.
His naive attempt to improve the past has led to a huge corruption in our own history. One where millions died as the result of a tiny mistake. The mistake that created the plagues. He knows he must try to undo the damage he has caused but he is cut off from his own time and trapped in our past.
Beyond reach.


Beyond Time.


 Using knowledge and drugs from our own future he fights the devastation sweeping Europe until his tinkering is noticed and he is taken back to the twenty-fifth century to help prevent a terrorist group corrupting the timelines even further and risking both the past and the future.
Can he stop The Time Terrorists and help those in our own past deal with the diseases he wrought?
Beyond Time is a mind bending tale that makes us think about our own past and the consequences of small actions. An extraordinary exploration of the Butterfly Effect. This is Back To The Future for grown-ups!

Meet The Author 
Peter Conrad is a writer living in Canada. He has had some short stories broadcast on the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Beyond Time is his first published full length novel

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