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Chelmsford 2012

Many Hearts – One Mind

 In 2012 the Olympics came to London. After two dry winters the government declared a drought. Then it started raining and didn’t stop for four months.


The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, Chelmsford was granted city status and became the First City of Essex.

Tiny was running a small computer games company. He planned to transform his baby into a global player.

Work colleague, Hugh; Tiny’s oldest, funniest and fattest friend was eating, drinking and joking himself into oblivion. Norman was the company’s young computer games genius. He had been totting up notches on the bedpost.

Gordon was the company accountant, a gay activist and he had his own agenda.

The story up to July 2012 changes all their lives.

Michael Haley’s 2nd novel is — “First City of Essex – Many Diversions, One Destination” and tells the rest of the story.

About The Author

Michael Haley was born and raised in Essex and considers himself to be a true Essex man. By 2012 he has lived in the County Town of Chelmsford for 32 years. His working life was spent in computers and telecommunications.

He bought his first “proper” guitar, a 12-string acoustic, in 1968. He taught himself to play, and intends to carry on doing so until he gets it right. He has been writing poems, songs and short stories since he was 18.

Michael is a divorcee who lives alone, and has a daughter Michelle, and two grandsons Callum and Connor. He is an ardent fan of Chelmsford City Football Club, and a regular attendee at many local writing groups. His favourite poets are the songwriters Bob Dylan and Roy Harper.

Most of his creative emphasis has so far been in writing songs, and “Chelmsford 2012 – Many Hearts One Mind” is his first novel.


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by Peter Epthorn on Blank Product Name

Wonderful heartwarming story. Tales of ordinary people and totally believable. These are characters you can identify with and who stay with you long after you´ve finished reading.

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