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Forever England
“…And there will be a corner of some foreign field that will be forever England.”
Only these days it’s more likely to be a half finished villa overlooking a championship golf course somewhere on one of The Costas.
Following an unfortunate encounter with Spanish gin measures and an enthusiastic estate agent, retired special effects engineer Terry England is the proud owner of a nearly completed villa in a new urbanisation in Southern Spain.
Not quite how he’d intended to spend his enforced early retirement Terry nevertheless tries to make the best of his new life. If only the local council can work out which house he’s actually bought and the leaf blowers would please stop. Read More

This & That, Here & There
Have you ever wondered why the French and the English seem to be eternally mystified by each other? What began as a little misunderstanding over a trip to the seaside in 1066 continues to create much puzzlement each time these two nations come into contact.
French Dog Just what is it that causes The Frogs and The Rosbifs to be forever poking fun at the other? Why do we seem to be totally incapable of communicating no matter how loudly we shout?Read More

The Money That Never Was
Charles Tremayne is a spy out of his time. After a long career spent rescuing prisoners from the KGB or helping defectors across the Berlin Wall the world has changed. The Wall has gone and no longer is there a need for a Russian speaking, ice-cold killer. The bad guys now all speak Arabic and state secrets are transmitted via satellite using blowfish algorithms impenetrable to anybody over the age of twelve. Counting down the days to his retirement by babysitting drunken visiting politicos he is seconded by MI6 for one last case. £250,000,000 of government money destined as a payoff for the dictator of a strategic African nation goes missing on its way to a remote Cornish airfield. Tremayne is dispatched to retrieve the money and nothing is going to stand in his way. Armed with an IQ of 165 and a bewildering array of weaponry and gadgets he is not about to be outmanoeuvred by the inhabitants of a small Cornish fishing village. Or is he? The Money That Never Was is a hilarious new novel by the author of the best selling "Return of The Hippy". Combining the innocent humour of the old Ealing Comedies with themes of alienation and belonging David Luddington manages to weave an engaging tale of one man's personal struggle with a world gone mad. It just happens that the man who is struggling is a trained MI6 agent, ruthless and efficient and the world with which is is struggling consists of fish & chips, cider and fudge. Not to mention the bungling Barry Penwrith desperate to hang on to his windfall.

40 Little Known Humorous English Traditions
Britain has many well documented, yet strange traditions such as Bog Snorkelling, Bonfire Night, Cheese Rolling and Haxey Hood. This book describes 40 more traditions in a similar vein, all of which are less well known.
Read about Turtle Rinsing in London, Arrow Catching in Staffordshire, and Animal Gambling in the Forest of Dean. Discover where a Duck Quacking contest, a Pipe Cleaner Festival, and a Thimble Throwing competition take place. Marvel at people's spitting, blowing, and digging exploits.
All the stories are distinct and can be read independently; this is a book for the busy individual who has a spare five or ten minutes to discover the secrets of Biscuit Rolling.
Read More

Return Of The Hippy
Tony Ryan is bemused. He thought he understood the way the world worked, but now, as a sacrificial lamb of the credit crunch he finds himself drifting... drifting into the clutches of the ever resourceful Pete who could find the angle in a Fairy Liquid bubble... and into the arms of the enigmatic hippy girl, Astrid, who's about to introduce Tony to rabbits, magic caves and the joys of mushrooms. eBook of the Month Club describes 'The Return of the Hippy' as "The funniest and most heart warming novel of the year."

Gerry's Emails From America - eBook
In a world where animals and humans co-exist as equals, including the right to eat waffles and host appalling late night chat shows, there stands one above all others.

He’s short, fat and hairy and has an ego the size of the North Atlantic Drift; not to mention the morals of a drunken, one eyed thieving Jackdaw. That’s Gerry!
After humble beginnings in a drab northern town, working as a ball selector on the national lottery, our English, “hero,” strode out across the pond to find fame and cheeseburgers and his own late night chat show in the land of the large and home of the plenty.

Schrodinger's Cottage
Tinker's Cottage nestles in a forgotten corner of deepest Somerset. It also happens to sit on a weak point in the space time continuum. Which is somewhat unfortunate for Ian Faulkener, a graphic novelist from London, who was hoping for some peace and quiet in which to recuperate following a very messy breakdown. It was the cats that first alerted Ian to the fact that something was not quite right with Tinker's Cottage. Not only was he never sure just how many of them there actually were, but the mysterious way they seemed to disappear and reappear defied logic. The cats, and of course the Pope, disappearing literary agents, mislaid handymen and the insanity of Cherie Blair World. As Ian tries to untangle the mystery of the doors of Tinker's cottage he risks becoming lost forever in the myriad alternate universes predicted by Schrodinger. Not to mention his cats. Schrodinger's Cottage is a playful romp through a variety of alternate worlds peopled by an array of wonderful comic characters that are the trademark of David Luddington's novels. For fans of the sadly missed Douglas Adams, Schrodinger's Cottage will be a welcome addition to their library. A heart-warming comedy with touches of inspired lunacy that pays homage to The Hitchhiker's Guide whilst firmly treading its own path.
Read More

Going Underground
At 8 ¾ months pregnant, Tracey Parkes has everything she wants in life. A nice house, even if it is a bit on the small side, a long awaited baby on the way and a reliable husband to boot... Well, as reliable as a husband can be when he’s keeping a long held secret – a secret she’s desperate to uncover.
But with Jonathan continuing to keep schtum over the whole thing, Tracey is forced to turn to his past for answers. And it’s the unfortunate death of his old friend Malcolm that provides her with just the opportunity she’s been waiting for – an opportunity she soon wishes she hadn’t taken.

Of Course I Love You, I Just don't Like You
Ever since the dawn of literature, there have been tales and stories of the great lovers who have braved tyranny, danger and deprivation in the name of true love. Often heart-breaking, always heroic, theirs have been accounts of the very heights of human nobility and the awesome sacrifices they would make for the sake of their true desires.

A Punch Line
A story about my life? What a great idea! Certainly more interesting than those boring memoirs
of politicians. At least I’m not trying to excuse my stupid mistakes.
Mister Punch

He doesn’t deserve a whole book. He is just a lazy do-no-good. I bet he sits somewhere in a pub
right now. Drinking away all the meagre income we are making. Just wait until he comes home.
I’ll give him what-for!
Judith, unfortunately Punch’s wife

I wish that I had thought of writing a book about the little fellow. How much I could have
satirized the world around us. Long live Punch!
Henry Fielding

I’m totally confused! You humans let a little wooden nobody make fun of you, and you even
laugh about it! Can someone please explain?
XY4, visitor from planet Straightface

Burn him! Burn him! He should not be allowed to speak another word! Into the flames with him!
Together with all the copies of his story! They are the enemies of my new world order!
Adolf Hitler

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