Debt Collector

Debt Collector 500

Debt Collector

What if you were gambling and racked up a huge debt?

How would you pay it off?

What if a gambling syndicate employed collectors who killed in order to gather the money you owed them?

What would you do if they came after you?

A discharged marine suffers from prophetic dreams about a debt collector killing people. After leaving a nightclub, he soon discovers these dreams are very real. However, destroying the crime organization from the inside is hard, never mind the fact that these scum murdered his father. His only support is a woman who tried to kill him. Digging into the syndicate, they discover an ugly truth that shatters his world.

Derrick Davis is an avid video game player, reader, writer, scout leader, artist, and loves an action, horror or comedy movie every now and then. He also loves to cook but loves to eat even more. He currently works in an Atlanta hospital. Debt Collector is his debut novella and he is currently working on a full-length suspense thriller medical novel. When Derrick is not editing his author biography, he can be found pondering life’s mysteries.

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