Destiny of The Sword


Destiny of the Sword 500War is coming!
High in the mountains of Remada and far from the machinations of kings and tyrants, Teren Rad, one of Remada’s greatest ever war heroes, leads a lonely and guilt-ridden life. Consumed by grief after his wife is taken by slavers, he has turned his back on the world, leaving his brother to raise his children.
However, in a cruel twist of fate raiders again threaten his old home, forcing him to choose between his duty and his life of solitude.
Determined not to fail again, he sets off to help but soon learns that one of his daughters is also a victim of the slavers. Worse still, his son Eryn, has set off in pursuit.
Against the backdrop of an imminent invasion, Teren must firstly find his son and then rescue his daughter before she disappears forever.
But war breaks out.
Teren, now reunited with Eryn and accompanied by a handful of friends, soon finds himself part of a ragtag army defending the city of Vangor. Hopelessly outnumbered by a ruthless enemy, they prepare to make a last desperate stand. For some it is duty, for others a chance to recapture old glory and for Teren, revenge.
It is a time for heroes, for courage and for destiny.
“The blood flies, the battles rage and the characters stay with you so you cannot put the book down. If ever there was a novel which captures the energy and passion of TV’s Spartacus, it’s this…”

Publisher Comments:
This book hooked us from the start. It is epic fantasy at its best. Real people in real situations facing impossible odds with nothing but their courage and hope.




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