Dragon Royalty

Dragon royalty 500“Fantasy worlds exist in our minds to give us a type of escape from reality. Don’t be afraid to explore it,” Thomas said with assurance.
“Sometimes I think that it might be kind of cool to live in the places that I dream about, if in fact, they were real places,” Alex replied thoughtfully.
Alex didn’t realize what he was saying. In his simple life, his only responsibilities were to go to work and pay a few bills.
He had absolutely no inkling of the secrets his uncle Thomas had been keeping for twenty years – secrets that would change Alex’s unassuming life forever… secrets that would make Alex re-evaluate his own feelings about power, peace… and war.
Alex’s reality and world are about to change forever and he will soon find out what kind of man he really is.


“The kind of fantasy novel that keeps us alive and in love with magic, excitement and of course… Dragons!”
— book-reviewer.com

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