Fate’s Test

Fates Test 500Tren has taken the mantle of God of Life but he is still getting used to his powers.
Slavery is now rotting the heart of Kavernhive, a power gap left when The Blades defeated the assassins’ guild.
To top it all off Bane’s aura of Chaos is flaring more and more often. His leader is so far unaware of what he is, but Tren can feel it.
The power will only stay dormant for so long.

Far to the south in the Noman Isles a Lord is murdered and his missing heir is blamed.
Then the Overseer is found dead and heading up the investigation is Link.
Why was the Overseer killed? Who is the new Regent in power, and why does he seem determined to replace the guards of Noman City with his own force?
Things in Noman City go from bad to worse for the guard. Their only hope is the news they’ve been waiting for from Kavernhive.

The Blades are coming.

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