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Rainbows In The Clouds

Rainbows In The Clouds

Rainbows In The Clouds is a remarkable new book by highly talented and very prolific author Liz Spear.

continues the Llewellyn family saga through the testing and explosive times of WWII. Carrie’s life is turned upside down when the London Chest Hospital is bombed in the Blitz and it threatens to tear her from the slowly flowering love she has found in Michael’s arms.

After this horrific incident her bravery is brought to the attention of the authorities. They contact her with a proposal, which drags her into the centre of the conflict in Europe and out of the security of her home and family. But first she and the others in the small community, in the Welsh valleys, must find the sociopathic man who not only threatens their security but also their health as diphtheria begins to claim lives.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, Megan and Thomas wonder if they will ever see each other and their families again as war rages around them.

WWII shattered lives but also brought with it surprising gifts. The lives and loves of these people reflect the extreme times and show the true strength good friends give to each other, making the world a less terrible place.

About the Author

Elizabeth Revill is a historical and thriller author living in Barnstaple, North Devon, U.K. with her husband Andrew Spear, their cat Ashton and Border Collie Dog Pippin.

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