When justice has failed hope has a new name.
Fixers 500A shadowy group dedicated to removing the evil from society by any means. The ultimate sanction and the final resource in the war against those who would do us harm and those who believe they are unreachable.
Meygana Westlake lives her life as a wife, executive and assassin for The Fixers. She has been trained to see the evil and to eliminate it. Quickly, efficiently and with no remorse. Regarded as the best and most ruthless in the business Meygana has stayed at the top of her game for longer than any other Fixer. 
But something no longer feels right. She begins to suspect the motives of some of the people at the top.
Maybe absolute power does corrupt after all? She sets out with her handler, Anton, to discover the truth.
Fixers is a thrilling tale of ultimate justice with its unlikely heroine dispensing her own brand of retribution and evening the odds for the rest of us.

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by Teri Stoddart on Fixers

A great read and a good twist on genre.

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