Full Stop Artist

Full Stop 500In a quiet provincial town in Western France things are about to get interesting…

 Hugo, ‘The Full Stop Artist’, plans to assassinate five people in twenty four hours and escape unseen.

 Harold wants to kill his parents and inherit his chateau.

 Maurice wants to kill both his philandering wife and her lover.

 Tifaine wants to kill her father because… well he probably deserves it.

 Mike doesn’t want to kill anybody and is desperately trying to avoid becoming drawn in to the steadily building mayhem.

 What follows is an outrageously funny tale of murder, suspense, torrid romance and more murder.

 With a wonderful cast of characters and a plot that twists through more turns than a chateau’s spiral staircase, The Full Stop Artist delivers on both adventure and humour.

 A good fun read that treads a path somewhere between The Pink Panther and In Bruges.” The Book Reviewer.