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Pins and Feathers
Victorian England, a time of great wealth and expansion but who drives this wealth? Men and women who live and work in terrible conditions, one such man is Abraham slaving in a quarry pit in the North of England.
He is witness to the tragic death of his best friend when he is crushed under tonnes of stone. Abraham is spurred into joining the struggle for union recognition during a time of social upheaval, but to relieve the pain of his friend’s death he also becomes embroiled in clog fighting. This brutal sport of gladiatorial intensity will often end the fighter’s life.
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Lancelot's Curse
“I have no words for the grief the gods have inflicted upon my tired soul. My future is only darkness and my past... My past is gone forever. I have love burned into me and denied me.”
Lancelot and his companions are forced to flee Albion to protect Rhea from Taranis. Nimue tears the veil between the worlds and the travellers discover they are returned to the forest in which Lancelot and Tancred first fell in love. With renewed hope they set forth toward Camelot with the cart containing the items of power. When they reach Chester, they meet old friends and new enemies forcing them to run once more.
First they travel through the harsh deserts of Albion and on to the cold, dead world of Lyonesse. When Lancelot wakes from this final journey he makes a promise to Taranis in exchange for Tancred’s sanity and Rhea’s safety. Little does he know that the fulfilment of this promise will change the course of their lives forever. When they finally face Balar this fulfilment of this promise is the revenge the petulant and cruel god demands in exchange for a ceasefire.

Lancelot's Burden
"Peace, the scent captured me and held me... But only for a moment. Now, Tancred and I must fight for the gods of Albion against the Titans. Peace - a firefly's brief flash of life."
Camelot's Champion is now the King of Albion and his fate unfolds rapidly. He is bound on a quest. Taranis has charged him to find items containing the power necessary to defeat the Titans before they wake and destroy Albion. However, it's never quite that simple.
He must travel the length and breadth of his new land with Nimue, the wife of his dead father and the woman who tried to kill Arthur. Fortunately, he also has Rhea, his adopted daughter who happens to be a Titan and of course Tancred. The young man must face his greatest challenge with Lancelot at his side, but will it be enough? Can Lancelot hold Tancred together?
Both men are drawn forward while they seek the power the gods need to fight the Titans. All rests once more on their broad shoulders, how long can they continue to carry the burden and fight the wars?

Lancelot And The Sword
“Arthur calls Camelot his ‘curse’. He might be right, but I have to believe it is worth fighting for, or what is the point of my existence?”
Lancelot and Arthur return home to find Guinevere shattered and a Camelot they barely recognise. A traitor’s challenge for the throne forces Arthur back on the road and racing once more to Avalon. However, they soon learn they are facing a threat more terrible than anything the traitor can conjure alone.
Suddenly, not just Camelot’s future hangs in the balance, so does a King’s passion for his Champion. Arthur must finally choose, his throne or his love? When the fey king forces Arthur to make a decision which alters destinies, Lancelot learns the real meaning of allegiance.
Lancelot and the Sword continues the adventures of Arthur Pendragon and Lancelot du Lac. Once more enduring a grave threat to Arthur’s crown, they also face the reality of their love. From the political chaos of Camelot to the walls of Avalon, they and their comrades fight to save the Queen, the honour of England and finally their love, but is it enough?

Vikings! Saxon Holocaust
King Aethelred entrusts his premier General Ealdoman Byrhtnoth with defending England's south eastern coastline, from a vast fleet of Viking longships led by Prince Olaf Tryggvasson. It is attacking the Kent coastal towns of Folkestone and Sandwich.
Princess Catherine has developed a rapport with Eddie, her Romani mercenary bodyguard and their romance might hold the key to England's security.
Near the end of the 10th Century, Saxon King Aethelred entrusts his premier General Ealdoman Byrhtnoth with defending England's south eastern coastline.

As Though Everything Depended On Me
Journalists, if they are honest and capable, are among the strongest guardians of democracy. No tyranny can tolerate them, no democracy can function without them. For this reason they are among the most endangered people on our planet. In the tumultuous period of German history between the World Wars a brave journalist, having survived the horrors of the First World War and determined to prevent another war, had to oppose all forms of chauvinism, especially the rising tide of Nazism. In that time of moral degeneration Kurt Lenz raised his eloquent voice against barbarism. When the barbarians triumphed, he refused to flee. He believed that each one of us has to act as though everything depended on him. His type of courage, greater than that of even the bravest frontline soldier, could have only one outcome at that time. With this novel the author wishes to pay tribute to those courageous journalists and their counterparts in today's world.

Stone Lord
In Southern Britain, the Giants Dance stands alone on the Great Plain. For 500 years its massive trilithons have remained unruled by any chief. With invaders from distant lands attacking Britain's shores to steal its precious tin, another king must be chosen-this is the Quest of the Merlin, high priest and shaman. He brings together U'thyr Pendraec, the Terrible Head, and the beautiful Y'gerna, wife of another man, and from them a child is born...a boy who can move a sacred stone and take the ancient dagger beneath...a boy who will become High King. With totems of power and an ancestral sword from the depths of the sacred lake, Ardhu Pendraec assumes the mantle of the Stone Lord, ruler of the Great Trilithon, protector of ancient Britain

Passion of Lancelot
“I am home. I still find it hard to believe. I am home and I have hope. I know the gods are waiting, I know I have to stop the evil trying to steal my peace, but for now – for now I just want to rebuild my family. With luck they will allow me that at least.”
Lancelot might be home but all is not well. His betrayal of Tancred has driven a permanent chasm between the men – one which might never allow them to be happy. For months Lancelot lives with a strange emotional hiatus until he and Arthur are attacked and they are once more faced with their true passions and destiny.
Epona, the goddess who has chosen Lancelot as her champion, finally decides he has taken enough time to himself and he must act to save Albion and Taranis from her son. Lancelot however isn’t convinced after what he sacrificed the last time he tangled with Balar. She ensures he has little choice and forces him to pursue her agenda. With a small cohort of companions Lancelot must face the largest army ever raised in Albion and defeat the son Morgana and Arthur created.
Their journey north is a harsh quest for the royal house of Albion but they draw together, forging new bonds which will bind them forever – making them a weapon able to face their final great threat.
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Kill Lady de Winter
It’s the story of blunt knives trying to wound, and poisons sneaked into bedside glasses, and fired shots lighting moonless nights, missing their targets, or reaching them. And it’s the story of shaking thoughts and tearful passions, hidden behind dirty aprons and refined capes; It’s a story of murders-to-happen, judgment and injustice, and justice, of course; and it’s a tale of love and the impossibility of it, and possibility and the tastes and hopes, ruthless as a daytime dream and sweet as a smear of jam left on the index finger.

Lancelot And The Grail
“I was once called, Wolf. Now I am damned to a half life of madness, grieving and broken. If I have to return to my King, he will want the greatest Knight of Camelot, but I am not that creature. I am a man who has learnt to hate what he once loved. How can I help my betrayer kill my fey father, even if it is to save Camelot and her people?”
Lancelot, alone and shattered is found by the only person capable of saving what’s left of his mind. When the damaged knight finally manages to scrape his awareness together he reluctantly returns to Camelot, only to find Arthur almost as broken.
The two men must face each other, over a vast gulf of betrayal in order to confront their enemies for the last time.
As they travel from Camelot, into the Land of the Dead and on to Albion, they remember why and how they became one all those years ago. Lancelot discovers that the path of the warrior is not just about killing, but also about compassion and there are some things that you just cannot escape, no matter how far you run.

The Knights Of Camelot - eBook
Lancelot And The Wolf, Lancelot And The Sword and Lancelot And The Grail. The first three Lancelot books all together in this one special volume
“King Arthur has dominated my life for decades and now I am banished from his side. I am not certain either of us can survive this torment...”

Fatal Empires
The last decades of the 19th century: the European empires are competing to gobble up the rest of the earth. Their inborn “superiority” seems to guarantee success, and the “natives” will have to submit.
But some Europeans refuse to cooperate with their own leaders and they risk their life to protect the “natives”.
Such a man was Baron Maklin, a famous apolitical scientist and at first only a scientist. But he learns from the “natives” and life in general, becoming a political actor, a lover, and a believer in spiritual realities taught to him by the “savages”.

Viking Sword, Saxon Shield
In the year 988 vast Viking armies in fleets of Longships are threatening the Saxon port of Maldon on the Essex coast of England. The Vikings lured there by the horde of silver in King Aethelred's mint situated in the Burh, the fortified town.
Edward Lavengro, Eddie, a tall black haired handsome teenage Romani warrior is captured by the disfigured noble Eldor Godric and enslaved.
King Aethelred's youngest daughter Princess Catherine, Kate, accidentally collapses into Eddie's arms. He falls instantly in love with the stunning blonde teenage princess with the big powder blue eyes. From then on, despite their vast differences in social status, their fates become inherently entwined.

Paradise Stolen
In 1800 there may have been 20,000 Aborigines living on Tasmania.
Three generations later the last black woman on the island died. Genocide? Yes, but not always intentional.
This poignant story tells of the destruction of that ancient people and depicts some of the many facets that led to the tragedy.
In particular it highlights the character of the white man trusted by the Aborigines, whose character flaws accelerated their destruction.
Meanwhile in Western Australia another expansion into native lands was occurring. In Soaring With Cockatoos, Trevor Steele take us there and leave us with some of the most memorable characters you will meet...

Lancelot's Challenge
“Such small words — ‘I think you should prepare yourself for the worst’. When I heard them I assumed my life would end, but I will not lose Arthur so easily and the fight is worth winning, I just have to hope the cost is worth paying.”
Lancelot and Arthur face their final battle to bring peace to their war torn world, but their fates twist once more and Arthur lies on the edge of death. In desperation Lancelot uses his fey blood and calls for help from Albion. The Lady of the Lake answers but she strikes a bargain for the King’s life. In exchange Lancelot must go into service for a year and a day.
So begins his training to become the Greatest Champion of Albion. With Aedden gone, Albion must find a new king and The Lady wants the role. It will be Lancelot’s task to secure it for her. When they eventually arrive in The City, Lancelot, bound by a geis of silence, once more meets Tancred and realises their love has never faded.

Soaring With Cockatoos
The last decades of the nineteenth century. European powers are colonising the whole planet and seem unstoppable. In the British colony of Western Australia white settlers ignore the rights of the Aborigines, murder them or chase them from their land, or perhaps readmit them to work as unpaid labourers on newly created properties.
Billy Dixon is a decent, naive young Englishman who hopes to become rich in the colony. His attempt to discover gold is a failure. Yungaburra is a talented young Aborigine, expelled from his tribe for ignoring sexual taboos.

The Sister And The Daughter
In the time of the Black Death, a small Roma family travel halfway around the world till they arrive at a cold muddy island in Northern Europe. Their journey, as always, is dogged by suspicion, danger and a new plague that is laying waste to the world.
When they finally stop in a small English village and the pestilence catches up with them, they find themselves surrounded by fear and ignorance. Not just fear and ignorance of the exotic, but also of the encroaching disease. The villagers do not know whether to blame the newcomers for the deaths or ask for their help, for their magic.

Sarah Luddington - Betrayal of LancelotBetrayal of Lancelot
“I have lived a life which should surprise no one. War is my constant companion. Drink my closest friend and loneliness a burden weighing heavily on my back. I am alone. I am alone...”
Lancelot du Lac, Knight of Camelot, King of Albion is now a lonely man staring out over a cityscape of glass and metal towers. Time is his only enemy; he has too much of it and drifts through years, decades, centuries...
However, Fate and the gods of Albion have not forgotten him. They have not finished with the warrior and he is once more called to duties that see his life turn on the spin of a bullet and the blade of a sword. When he finally answers a summons from an old friend, he discovers his life is born again through the greatest gift – love.
He travels through a modern, broken Britain with old friends and new to face the beginning of the end. When he finally feels the soil of Albion once more under his feet, Lancelot knows he will stop at nothing to finish the chaos the gods have forced upon him. Both his wife and his endless love for one man, will join with him for the future of Albion and Camelot.

Blue Seas, Brown Rivers, red Blood
Blue Sea, Brown Rivers, Red Blood. One Man - Two Wars - Three Women... Helena fell in love with Bill after only ten minutes, but her father, a hard-bitten ship owner, wouldn't think twice about fitting concrete boots to any man talking advantage of his daughter and dropping him in the Hudson River. In December Billy Bindle is an unemployed seaman whose main aim in life is to have a beer in the pub with his mates and chat up the local barmaids. By April the following year Bill is a ship-owning gunrunner breaking the Nigerian blockage of Biafra. He is also on the radar of the British MI6 and is accused by Prime Minister Harold Wilson of being a mercenary profiteering from war.

Lancelot and the Wolf
An adventure story of the old school, all sword and sorcery. It is also the tale of two men who have loved each other beyond all reason. This book will open your eyes to the real meaning of knightly chivalry, sacrifice and love.
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