Karen And The Micro-Buddies

Karen and the Microbes 500After discovering a magical way to enter her culture flask, Karen met Buddy.  Together, they are in for a thrilling and fun ride to explore the microbial world in the flask.  Holding Buddy’s flagellum, a friendship develops between Karen and Buddy.  When Buddy’s gang is dying, Karen’s skills as a microbial researcher are put to test.  What is killing Buddy’s gang?  What does Karen do to help?  Blended in the thrilling adventure of Karen and the charismatic micro-buddies is the real world of microbial ecology and research.  This is presented in a simple and comprehensible manner.  Come on in to experience the thrills and fun of adventure and science!
Sally Kuzniewski has written the most exciting science based fantasy story we’ve ever read. Using her experience as a micro-biologist Sally has created a world inside a world, where the bacteria she has worked with for years need her help to rescue them from some deadly opponents.
An exciting dip into the world of science fiction and a completely new way of viewing the world – from the bacteria’s point of view! I’ve never read anything like it – great fun and the mix of science with a good traditional thriller type plot makes it fresh and recognizable all at once.

Interesting, bold and new. I’ve never considered bacteria as fun or interesting. Great idea, interesting execution. Really good way of involving young and old alike in science.

 Meet The Author

 Sally Kuzniewski holds a Ph.D. degree in Environmental Science and Public Policy from George Mason University. While teaching Biology and Biotechnology courses, she realized there was a need for public education in basic microbiology. This motivated her to write this novel based on her brewed imagination on microbial adventures. Sally Kuzniewski is also an author of several published papers. When not working, she enjoys hiking with her husband and dog.


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