Karen and the Microbuddies – Love

Karen2 500Karen has been on antibiotics. Her visits to the flask to see Buddy Longtail was no longer the same. “You belong to me,” Buddy said in a firm tone. Dr. Allison Rogers is not comfortable about the micro-buddies’ cultures in her lab and she must do something after rumors spread about Karen’s illness from the culture work. A colleague is competing with her and her personal life hit rough waves. Karen’s life is in shambles. She miss the old, friendly Buddy. Andy has a past and is addicted to it. Karen has to move on in life, smartly and bravely. She has to do research to find out what is going on with Buddy Longtail. She has to find a solution that will keep her safe in the flask around the old friendly Buddy Longtail.

Does love exist only among humans and animals? Are microorganisms capable of expressing love in the ways that we recognize love?

A story of the science world, of pathogen microbiology, of emotions…a story of betrayal, of friendship, of love…of infectious love.

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