Keepers of The Sunken Way

Keepers 500Studying for A-levels is stressful enough, but Jake Holdencroft finds he has to manage an increasingly difficult relationship with his boyfriend, Nathan, and train to be a deadly fighter at the same time. The prize, however, is the chance to become one of the esteemed Guardians of the Rainbow and to join his friend and mentor, Darryn, in fighting against The Family Unity Party. With its new breed of increasingly ruthless leaders, the paramilitary wing of the F.U.P. will stop at nothing to eliminate ‘the homosexual menace’, even if it means blowing up buildings and killing innocent bystanders.


As the Guardians find themselves in a desperate race against time, even Jake’s new home, Rainbow House, is under threat. Relying on intelligence from Darryn’s treacherous ex-lover may be the only thing that can save them, but in a complex engagement between the two sides, it becomes difficult to know who to trust.


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