King of Mekong

King 500The adventure of a lifetime

might just be their last.

Filled with curiosity about the jungles of Vietnam from his father’s war stories, Mick and a group of friends set out on an adventure trip near the Cambodian border countries. But the brochures had neglected to mention the bandit groups who plied their slave trade around the region. With most of the group taken captive Mick escapes and with the help of a local farmer he makes a dash for Ho Chi Minh City to find help. Only once there he discovers he is being hunted by the police as well.

With both sides closing in on him Mick soon realises he has become embroiled in a local drugs war where nobody is to be trusted.

King of The Mekong is a racing adventure through the jungles of Vietnam, a race against time and last desperate stand against a relentless enemy.

Mirador Publishing have again secured their position as the publisher of choice for first time novelists with this offering by debut author Damian Magnay. Although fictional, the novel highlights the plight of many young people still being sold into slavery in parts of Vietnam.  At first read, King of Mekong could be a straightforward action adventure novel concerning a sightseeing adventure trip into the Vietnamese jungles which goes horribly wrong when the group are captured by bandits, however Damian had another story to tell. He decided to use the medium of his novel to shine a light on the atrocities still being committed in that part of the world. Supremely well qualified to tackle this uncomfortable subject through his work with Destiny Rescue, a charity which helps to rescue children captured and sold into slavery, he hopes his novel will raise awareness of this strangely ignored tragedy.

“Destiny Rescue help children who have been sold into the worst kind of slavery,” Damian said. “It was very disturbing when I first got involved with them but the rescue numbers are climbing week by week and the children receive help to get their lives back on track, which is great.”

Damian is also no stranger to the jungles of Vietnam. “He is a huge supporter of Vietnam Veterans,” said Sarah Luddington, Mirador’s Commissioning Editor. “He’s been researching the Vietnam war for the last twenty years.”

As part of his research Damian has crawled through the Cu Chi tunnels, visited the site of the Australian Army base at Nui Dat and paid his respects at the Long Tan battlefield where 108 brave  Aussies held off an estimated 2500 enemy troops.



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by Mike Keasy on Blank Product Name

My father was in the jungles there during the war. This book brings back to mind the stories he told. A great adventure story but just goes to show Vietnam is still not a nice place to be!

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