Lancelot And The Wolf

Front Cover Lancelot 500“King Arthur has dominated my life for decades and now I am banished from his side. I am not certain either of us can survive this torment…” Lancelot, the greatest Knight of Camelot is almost flogged to death, exiled, and stripped of the King’s grace. He travels from England to Europe to begin a lonely, desperate life when he meets someone who will alter his perspective forever. Suddenly, he is trapped into a fate which forces his return to England. He must fight to regain his honour and his King’s life. From a world beyond ours but bound to us throughout time, the Fey hunt Arthur. They want him dead and only Lancelot can save him. Together they travel from Camelot, to Avalon and into Albion on a quest to save Arthur’s soul. They must also retrieve Merlin and redeem a love which both men find hard to bear. Lancelot and the Wolf is an adventure story of the old school, all sword and sorcery. It is also the tale of two men who have loved each other beyond all reason. This book will open your eyes to the real meaning of knightly chivalry, sacrifice and love.

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I have been accused of writing love stories. If love is half as painful as some of the stuff I write here, then maybe it ought to come with a health warning. There is love in these tales, I am an old romantic who thinks love makes the world go round. However, love generates passions which aren’t always so physically pleasurable. My stories, some about redemption, some about saving the world from the ultimate evil, some about obsession, are fun, fast paced and pure fantasy – FOR ADULTS! A theme I’ve thought of in one is often carried into the next. I have a style, I have a subject I enjoy. If you like the same things then great. If not then good luck and thanks for visiting.

The Knights Of Camelot series is growing at a rapid pace and Lancelot’s Quest should be out before Christmas 2012. I’m currently working on book eight, so the pace isn’t slowing. Thank you to all who support Lancelot and the other boys. If you want to know more then come and find me – Sarah Luddington-Author on Facebook as I use it to blog about the books and short stories. Because of the nature of my books I’ve received a great deal of unpleasant reactions to the stories, but never one to shrink from a fight, it just makes me more determined to give the Arthurian legends a bit of a shake up! Without your support it would be fairly heartbreaking, so thank you and I hope you continue to enjoy my work.

Personally, I have been everything from a tree grower, to a book binder, a barmaid and cleaner. For the last few years I’ve been running an award winning full time martial arts company and taught three disciplines within my club. I hold three black belts and have a degree in Medieval History, which comes in handy if I ever need to use either an English or Japanese sword to make my point… I have achieved all this despite having once lived in a squat in an abandoned Victorian schoolhouse. My husband and I now live with three cats on the Somerset Levels, just down the road from Glastonbury, the centre for inspiration in everything esoteric and strange.

Art and Music are my inspirations and my love. Live music the one thing I will actually leave my house for voluntarily. My links page is full of the bands and artists who influence my writing. Some of the music I listen too should be compulsory listening but apparently I’m in the minority! One thing I will say – any reference to a band is made with due respect and reverence. I have two websites – one The Knights of will tell you how and why I wrote the books, also the research involved. The other Dark Fiction, will give you access to some of my other work.

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