Landing in Eden

Landing in eden 500Landing in Eden
How do you punish evil?
When the apple taints completely…

Mike McCallister leads a normal, peacefully boring existence. He lives in a quiet little town, has a good job, a very close friend, and is blissfully married to the love of his life. Aside from a rocky relationship with his institutionalized father, all is well in Mike’s world.
Everything changes when his community suffers from their first brutal murder. It sends him on a violent journey wildly blurring reality and fantasy.
Mike, and those doomed to ride this journey with him, grapple with unspeakable horrors as they embark on a mission to make sense of the evil that is plaguing their once peaceful town.
Landing in Eden is the story of a bizarre crime that escalates into a rollercoaster ride becoming the worst supernatural horror your nightmares can conjure.

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