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Twist of fate 500A Twist of Fate
A compelling story of unparalleled love, daring defiance and distressing revelations.
‘A Twist of Fate’ is a story of a close-knit farming community in West Sussex. The lives of the Grayson’s and the wealthy Fitzwilliam’s families’, inexplicably intertwine, resulting in an unlikely friendship between teenagers, Hannah Grayson, a farmer’s daughter, and Ralph Fitzwilliam, a wealthy landowner’s son. However, the attraction is not without its’ setbacks. Secrets and intrigue surfaces from the past to cause emotional turmoil and continually test their relationship.
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Reader writer 500The Reader the Writer
A woman is writing a novel. She is the Writer. Each evening, her partner comes home and they talk about her work that day. He is the Reader. Her novel describes a married couple and their attempts to cope with the revelation that the husband has been seeing prostitutes over a number of years. The wife is torn between her radical feminist past, when she made friends with a streetwalker, and the hatred she feels for the women who have ruined her marriage. The husband becomes increasingly alienated as his world collapses around him.
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Family lost fathers 500Family of Lost Fathers
Sometimes in a family there is one person who is the centre of a pattern of relationships and changing circumstances. Such a one is Millie Flowers. Orphaned as a baby, unwittingly affected by an undetected murder, and barely educated, Millie’s passage to adulthood is characterised by naivety and inexperience. Her son, John, his childhood interrupted by war, takes the first steps towards a future that neither he nor his mother could have foreseen.
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Slanted 500SLANTED is a tapestry of satire and drama, love and romance, crime and redemption, and unexpected success.
It will make readers laugh out loud, and at times wipe tears from their eyes—tears not of sadness, but of joy.
The story is woven around the humorous dialogue and slanted antics of Aunt Hattie, who is as hilarious as she can be verbally brutal—due to candor not malice.
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No Joe Bloggs 500No Joe Bloggs
My book is an affectionate account of my life journey, growing up in Ilford, Essex, fond childhood memories, family anecdotes, my parents, grandparents, an abundance of quirkiness, quirky accounts of London while I was growing up, quirky football and sporting references, my favourite bands and music in some detail, an imaginary and moving account of my grandparents and mum as Holocaust survivors, an imaginary and I think very poignant story about a father and son relationship on the day of the 1966 World Cup Final, the Seventies, pop culture, favourite authors and everything that means so much to me. Read More

Spanning cultures, generations and continents, this epic tale of commitment and exceptional courage will rip at your emotions. A Korean and an English family drawn together by the greatest passion of all surmount incredible odds as they battle toward a common goal.
A true-life love story told with compelling attention to detail and a no-holds-barred grittiness. Capturing you with the shameful suffering caused by the Japanese occupation of Korea and the horrifying Korean War. Transporting you from enforced labour camps creating new cities in the Saudi desert to the gripping challenge of a terrifying ocean voyage on a small fishing boat. Woven within the story of two people coming together is the fight they must make to assist a close relative affected by the debilitating drug scene in the UK and then deal with a graphic denouement in the unforgiving world of Korean big business.Read More

Chelmsford 2012 / Many Hearts, One Mind
In 2012 the Olympics came to London. After two dry winters the government declared a drought. Then it started raining and didn’t stop for four months.
The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, Chelmsford was granted city status and became the First City of Essex.
Tiny was running a small computer games company. He planned to transform his baby into a global player.Work colleague, Hugh; Tiny’s oldest, funniest and fattest friend was eating, drinking and joking himself into oblivion. Norman was the company’s young computer games genius. He had been totting up notches on the bedpost.Gordon was the company accountant, a gay activist and he had his own agenda.
The story up to July 2012 changes all their lives.
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First Touch
Football, the beautiful game and one played by boys all over the world.
Football, the game many will use to make vast sums of money from those young men.
Football, the game of hope for hundreds who need a new life in the golden land of Europe.
Football, the trap. The beautiful trap for young men who have their dreams smashed.
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Nobody's Daughter
A man and his wife are dead. His adored and long lost love, also: but they share a common thread. A girl; their heir. She is gone, vanished from their lives. The bearer of a guilty secret from the past. Money and faded letters that speak of unspent passion and wasted opportunity.
She must be found.
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The Road To London

Booker Prize Entry Novel

A light... A birth... A journey...

An escape—not just from the whispering noise of expectations but from the growing awareness of a different life, a different path, a different quest.

I have no regrets, My Dear, except one... Just one...

It took me too long to find you...
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A Severed Head
“The inspector vacillated in his zeal. A man killing his wife was something, but for a man to kill his wife because she had betrayed him and taken a lover was barely a crime in his book. Rather, it set square with his simple notion of chivalry and manliness.”
Is it justifiable homicide if you kill your wife because she is having an affair with a much younger man?

Just a bit of Banter... Like
Local 'Welsh Lad', Nick, has done well for himself reaching dizzying heights in The City. That is until he discovers his girlfriend in bed with his best mate. Crashing and burning in a spiral of drink and destructive behaviour he eventually heads home for the 'Quieter Life' in The Valleys. Taking up with some of his old pals he starts to pull the pieces of his life back together. But one of the old gang is missing, Sam, and rumours persist that he committed suicide. But what is the truth about his disappearance?
'Just A Bit Of Banter...Like' is a heart warming story of lasting friendships and loyalty. But it is also a tale of finding out what's important and if necessary making sacrifices to achieve that.
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Against The Tide
After witnessing the brutal death of his father, at the tender age of seven, by a band of smuggling cutthroats, Nathaniel Brookes swears to find his father's killers. As a man he initially follows a medical career, but he turns his back on his comfortable life and dons the garb of a Riding Officer to fulfil his vow. Hated in all communities, ostracised and friendless, he faces more than just his father's enemies. Little did Nathaniel expect, when taking up his duties to ride the dramatic Welsh coastline, that he would meet and fall in love with local beauty, Jenny Banwen, horrifically scarred by a sadistic young member of the gentry

What The Eye Cannot See
'Infidelity' is such a sweet word, for an act of bastardy! Over 90% of women, married and single, regard infidelity as the greatest act of betrayal. But Rory Trembath is not concerned; he knows that if he can seduce the mind first, then the body is sure to follow.
The middle-aged Trembath, and Arabella Findlay, meet by chance, soon learning that they share an affinity, to stay in their marriages, but have discrete, racy sex, something long faded from their own lives.
Their affair, begun weeks ago in London, blossoms at the Hotel Balzac in Paris, before an act of 'happenstance', the asp in paradise, strikes, on the way back to London … and changes everything.

The Man with No Name
Dead in his prime, or is that what he wants others to believe?
Sexually dissolute, or is that what others want to believe?
An incautious rake, or a force for good in the world?

The man with no name takes us on an remarkable adventure tracing the Harris family from its roots in the UK, through its exhilarating relationships with the family of Mjanyelwa Mashiane, great healer of the warrior Ndebele people; part of the fierce and proud Zulu nation. We journey through the trials that have shaped the modern generation. We experience their complex love, transcending barriers of taste and acceptability. We fight their battles, being re-born with potency, dignity, and love.

Rio's World
Riona Marionette is a girl with a secret.
A girl with a mysterious and strange past. A girl haunted by reoccurring nightmares that become more intrusive into her waking hours.
Riona’s life changes as she leaves her home and family to participate in an International Basketball tournament as the only girl in the team. She gets highly frustrated with Victore, the new hot guy on the team, as he constantly antagonizes her and observes her every move. There’s something strange about him that Rio spends an ideal amount of time trying to figure out.Read More

Whispers On The Wind
Wales between the wars, a place of poverty and a world full of anguish. Yet, there is hope. Within family, within community and most of all in the brave heart of one young girl.
Set in the lush Dulais Valley; Carrie is fated to a life of hardship and sorrow, but she grows stronger as she is forced to become a woman before her time. The hand she is dealt becomes a challenge and she refuses to surrender.
This heart wrenching “coming of age” story depicts one young woman’s spiritual and emotional journey as she struggles against all odds to find her rightful place and to make a life for herself. An engaging tale played out against a tangled web of traumatic lives and balances by affirming experiences, which shape Carrie into a woman never to be forgotten.

Rainbows In The Clouds

Rainbows In The Clouds
'Rainbows in the Clouds' continues the Llewellyn family saga through the testing and explosive times of WWII. Carrie's life is turned upside down when the London Chest Hospital is bombed in the Blitz and it threatens to tear her from the slowly flowering love she has found in Michael's arms.
After this horrific incident her bravery is brought to the attention of the authorities. They contact her with a proposal, which drags her into the centre of the conflict in Europe and out of the security of her home and family. But first she and the others in the small community, in the Welsh valleys, must find the sociopathic man who not only threatens their security but also their health as diphtheria begins to claim lives.
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Columbus Day
George Morton has lost everything. His wife, Aimee, was killed by a drunk driver, then, six months later he is accused of cyber theft.
Deciding there is nothing left for him in England, George buys an old farmhouse in a small village in Spain, much to the dismay of his three children, Alex, Bonnie and Christopher.
There he meets the attractive Maria, and her not so agreeable father, Vincente. George settles down to a new way of life, but not forgetting his lovely Aimee and the wonderful years they had together. Someone else however is not forgetting him. Oliver Barnes, Chief Executive of Barnes & Barnes International Bankers, whom George worked for. Oliver is convinced George has the banks money and is determined to retrieve it, no matter how.

The Triangle In The Dock
The Triangle, once a model of prosperity and peace, is heading for a civil war that would threaten the stability of the neighbouring lands.
Angry against one another, the two territories of The Triangle were on one another's neck, looking eyeball-to-eyeball with none willing to blink first. The world was obliged to act and called The Triangle to the dock to plead its case in the presence of a college of carefully selected judges. The verdict would be final and subject to no appeal. Read More

Heart Of Eternity
When you are invited to dance with the muse of love, when you are driven to the edge by the pain of the past, when you hold the remedy for what ails you in your arms you will find yourself in the heart of eternity.
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A shadowy group dedicated to removing the evil from society by any means. The ultimate sanction and the final resource in the war against those who would do us harm and those who believe they are unreachable.
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Guardians Of The Rainbow
The Family Unity Party is striving for power. Providing you are the perfect model of their ideal family you are safe. But if you stray from convention, you will pay a heavy price.
Against a background of growing civil decay and unrest, fifteen-year-old Jake Holdencroft becomes acquainted with Nathan Tasker and a friendship blossoms through their love of music. As they grow closer, Jake feels the stirrings of something deeper beginning to develop. However, the confusion and fear of being different frustrate the growing liaison. When Nathan’s enraged father, a leading light in the Family Unity Party, discovers their secret, he pursues Jake with an angry mob in tow.

Uncomfortable Silence
Simon Sanders sits desperate and forlorn in the empty home he once shared with his wife and two children. They have left because of his uncontrollable anger. As he reflects on what could have been he is reminded of a period in his life when his world was changed forever by acts of unspeakable horror and depravity perpetrated by the devil himself. Unsure about his role in life's grand scheme his mind is awash with thoughts of lost opportunities and unfulfilled potential, his regret is coupled with a deep ingrained fear of authority figures. Burdened by self-loathing, guilt and questions of 'if only', he tries to understand why such an evil was visited upon him. Simon's story is unique in that it delves deep into the psyche and mire of a confused conscious and sub-conscious, revealing one man's struggle as he battles with unseen demons in a contest for his sanity.

The Letter
Michael Parker has only months left. The treatment options have been exhausted and it is now time to make peace with his past. There is just final loose end, Dianne.
Dianne, an archeology student, who broke his heart back in 1966 when she disappeared one day without a word. Dianne, who may or may not have been carrying his child.

Published by Mirador PublishingGhosts of The Heart
Ghosts of the Heart is the second book in the Shadows on the Trail Trilogy and takes place on the prairies and mountains of Colorado at the end of the Pleistocene, a time of major climatic change and mammal extinctions. It was a time when small tribes of humans fought to survive in a violent and unpredictable world. This is the continuing saga of the Folsom People, a prehistoric tribe of hunters and gatherers, who are venturing to an idyllic land called the North Country
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Shadows On The Moon
German armies once more march across Europe and one small Welsh village is changed forever.
Carrie has escaped the suffocating, unhealthy love of her brother. With her innate kindness and strength, she begins her new life in midwifery. But, the shadows of war rise. She is sent first to Birmingham and then to London during the Blitz.
Carrie is no stranger to tragedy but her courage and self-sacrifice bond her tightly to new friends and old, helping to keep her safe in uncertain times. Love, laughter and friendship abound, making her a force to be reckoned with and admired.
John, however, is forced to rethink his position on the family farm and to try and rid himself of his obsession for his sister. Feeling as though his heart has been ripped out, it is Ernie who steadfastly gives John wisdom and help. When a young village girl enters his life, things take a surprising turn. The taciturn young man finally finds peace, despite the burgeoning war.

Keepers of The Sunken Way
Studying for A-levels is stressful enough, but Jake Holdencroft finds he has to manage an increasingly difficult relationship with his boyfriend, Nathan, and train to be a deadly fighter at the same time. The prize, however, is the chance to become one of the esteemed Guardians of the Rainbow and to join his friend and mentor, Darryn, in fighting against The Family Unity Party. With its new breed of increasingly ruthless leaders, the paramilitary wing of the F.U.P. will stop at nothing to eliminate ‘the homosexual menace’, even if it means blowing up buildings and killing innocent bystanders.
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Hard To Swallow - eBook
Having solved the "Hard to Swallow" case after a tragic series of murders and even more tragic discovery, the three investigators take a break on a placid wine farm to unwind and relax.
However it doesn't work out that way...
Between the erotic adventures all hell erupts and a peaceful hillside suddenly breaks out in a rash of graves.
What could possibly have brought this about?
Naturally they become involved in sorting it out, but in between deaths, Jonny and Rocky, the two 'straight' detectives, are tricked into learning about the wonderful world of anal sex.

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