Ever wondered what really goes on inside your head?
Minology 500
If you remember the Numskulls you’ll already have a fair idea, if not, prepare to be transported to a world like no other.
For Penelope Potts, living inside an ear could only be described as boring. She would give anything just to have something interesting to do. Yet, Penelope has a powerful gift, she can read the nerves and see into the thoughts of The Will itself.
There has been an incident. It appears there has been a malfunction in the Ear Department, and the ruler of Central Head, the evil Sananab, along with his sidekicks Leopold Schmidt and the contemptible Cornelius Crail are looking for somebody to blame.
To add to their woes, something has gone missing. Something which contains a dark secret.
But secrets inside The Will can lead to knowledge, and knowledge can lead to power. So when a diary the size of a kitchen table turns up in the hands of a posse of knife wielding, bloodthirsty bandits looking for trouble, accompanied by three dim-witted, cowardly goons looking for no more than a sandwich, there is suddenly a real threat to the life of The Will.
With Central Head ready to leave everyone behind to face the music, Penelope must do all she can to stand up and fight for the future of minkind. Trouble is, she doesn’t really like fighting very much at all.
“A genuinely original and entertaining romp for young and old.”
Published by Netherworld Books and available from all good bookshops or direct from the Bookshop here at £8.99 +p&p

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by Terri Wyatt on Blank Product Name

Great fun! Thoroughly enjoyed this, good characters you feel for and really inventive ideas.