Moon Lord


Moon Lord 500 Many Sun-Turnings have passed since the Ardhu the Stone Lord inherited the kingship of Prydn. His illegitimate son Mordraed seeks his father’s hall on the Great Plain, and a place among the famed warriors of Kham-el-Ard, but his appearance brings a shadow and a doubt.

With his power waning and the land beginning to fail, Ardhu must lead his warriors on a final journey to retrieve a golden Cup, which the Maimed King of the Wasteland foretells will unite a crumbling kingdom.



Gal’havad, most trusted of Ardhu’s men, and his only legitimate heir – a sickly youth, half in the World of Spirit – is befriended by his half-brother Mordraed and lured into a deathly pact.

Meanwhile, The Merlin, old and ill, struggles to see through the darkness that is rising and is made temporarily powerless to help, betrayed by those he thought friends.

With An’kelet and Fynavir’s illicit affair discovered, Mordraed manipulates his father into leaving his Kingdom to wage war on his former friend and seizes power himself, turning the fields to dust and slighting Khor Ghor, the great temple to the Ancestors upon the Great Plain..

Mordraed, the Dark Moon, has Risen… and the Stones of the Giants’ Dance will fall!

Stand-alone sequel to STONE LORD

Moon Lord is a book set in Britain’s prehistory such as you’ve never read before. Mixing fiction with the latest archaeological discoveries, it covers a prehistoric landscape ranging from Stonehenge and Avebury, to Seahenge in Norfolk and Newgrange in Ireland. A novel of the prehistoric origins of the man we called KING ARTHUR…


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