No Time


No Time published by Netherworld Publishing
The chemical weapons from the second Gulf War weren’t in Iraq at all, Saddam had moved them quietly into the deserts of Iran. When he died, Iran inherited everything.

Unfortunately so did the West. When their forces reluctantly moved once more into the Middle East hoping to destroy a despotic regime, Iran’s leaders, in a last desperate act, unleashed all the weapons at their disposal. A chemical miasma filled the air over the opposing armies and both sides were decimated.

 The West shipped their people home. The doctors tried everything to find a cure for the new diseases created  by the biological cocktails. They couldn’t. The soldiers died. Governments and people mourned until unbelievable reports came in of the dead walking and feeding.


 The sickness swept throughout the Western world. This is one small story from that terrible time. A story of the bravery, commitment and determination of one group of survivors, some soldiers, some civilian as they battle to fight the never ending wave of walking dead.


 Dark times need dark heroes.


 A small regiment of determined soldiers. Ill equipped and undermanned are the last hope for humanity…


 Pray they can hold the line.


 “No Time is a novel that races off the page and won’t let go until the very end. Combining the very best of Strike Back and The Walking Dead this is the book that World War Z should have been.”


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