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Room 543 500In Room 543

we could sleep on white sheets and be clean

this is a book for the stains

we got in the Rooms in between

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Prisoner of War
When the Allied troops retreat to El Alamein in Egypt, Gen. Rommel cuts off the port of Tobruk in Libya. In the face of his superior fire power, the Second South African Division, which mans the port, had no option but to surrender on 21st June 1942. The men are shipped to Italy.

POW is the true story of two POWs – the one finds Love and the other his soul!
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A Bridge To Cross
A Staggering True Story

The references in this book are from the pages of my mother’s journal. The incidents described in my manuscript details our struggle fleeing the Nazis, the Russians, and the flight to the West.
In the spring of 1944, Hitler’s storm troops and allied forces attacked all of Germany and forced his radical policies on the citizens. Heidelberg was not exempt. The once peaceful city, the romantic section of town, its castle towering above as the guardian of the city, became a place of tyranny, murder and fear
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A Divided Universe
A Divided Universe contrasts the relative merits of science and religion, and concludes that both disciplines are necessary for a proper understanding of life. This book is a rare combination of depth and breadth. A Divided Universe is a book to be read by anyone interested in the human condition and the nature of existence. La Source
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The A - Z of On The Buses
The hit television sitcom On The Buses was a massive hit across the world and ran for seven seasons from 1969 to 1973. The success was in no small part due to the immense talents involved both on the screen and off. With its exceptional writers and a cast of household name actors, the series sprang from the screen to captivate audiences from that start and retains its magic to this day.
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The Third Testicle
The Third Testicle is the story of a journey. A journey through the past. A journey through Europe. A journey which touches on drugs, madness, the surreal, on criminal gangs, Police undercover work, busking and international espionage. But above all it is a spiritual journey of unique idiosyncrasy. Or maybe not. It is the story of one Gerald Brantano, a swashbuckling Englishman who sets off on a journey searching for something which will ultimately change his life forever. The end of the world has already been forecast to occur in 2012 by an ancient Andean prophecy and somehow Brantano finds himself in the very place which will supposedly offer shelter from the impending Armageddon.
Watch this space – it lies beyond the world of words!

Julian’s Journeys is a collection of 34 travel stories. These stories are part memoir, part travelogue, and part revelation about the effect travel has on me.
I write stories about the baggage man at Tehran airport who helped me through customs in double-quick time and all for one dollar. I tell the story of the nun at the bus stop in Catania, Sicily, who was incredibly knowledgeable about the local delicacy, mortadella. I describe how I became slowly inebriated in Bulgaria, when one of the locals offered me the opportunity to sample his homemade slivovitz in his garden – all the while we wrote down football results on a piece of paper. I report a conversation I had with a super-smooth carpet-seller in Istanbul, who was always encouraging me to visit his shop.
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Line Up Quietly - eBook
At the end of ‘Now Just Listen’, Charlie Bristle and his friends had successfully brought an end to the criminal career of Eric Newton. During the subsequent celebrations Charlie asked his girlfriend, George, to marry him. 

Now, Just Listen - eBook
'Why would anyone want to teach?’ Charlie Bristle doesn't really know the answer either.....but off he goes to teacher training college, straight into the world of the swinging 60's. We follow his exploits, relationships and prickly mis-haps before he grapples with life in the real world of the classroom! This light-hearted tale makes an enjoyable read.

Bedside Book for Older Cavers
Anyone who has passed the age of seventy needs to have a positive attitude to life in order to enjoy it. This book explains how ‘older cavers’ develop and maintain this attitude, as well as taking an active interest in their chosen sport.
There is something here for everyone, not just the cavers and non-caving pensioners, but for the younger folk, who will, one day, hopefully, experience life as ‘older folk’. The book is filled with amusing and interesting articles for fire-side, or bed-time reading. The philosophies embedded in the text may also stimulate the thoughts of the perceptive reader.
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My Boy
This little book tells of the sad but inspiring story of a father and his addicted son coming together in the valley of the shadow of death. There is poignancy, sadness but also love and redemption. It is inspiring and will give hope and help to thousands who struggle with drug addiction in their families . The book carries a message: ‘do not turn a blind eye to drug abuse in your family’. The book will give comfort that there are supporting forces for good; that can ease the burden of suffering such as the incredibly wonderful hospice movement, and palliative care support agencies.

Effective Book Promotion eBook
Innvaluable information for new authors who wish to give their book the best chance at success. With 2,500,000 English language books being published each year the first time writer needs the edge. Publishing your book is only the beginning. All you ever wanted to know about how to market your book.

It Puts Muscles On Your Eyebrows
Mick Power was brought up along with his younger twin brother and sister on a small urban farm. This was during the nineteen thirties up until nineteen fifty when the farm was taken by Walsall Council to build houses in the post World War Two rush to build decent housing. During this period of his life both his parents had passed away, mother December 1947, father November 1949. The joys and woes of their lives on the farm during the war years, the fun with all their childhood friends and their struggle to try and keep the farm going after their parents died, was the subject of his first book, Podger`s Farm.

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