Prisoner of War

Prisoner 500When  the Allied   troops  retreat  to El Alamein in Egypt,  Gen. Rommel cuts off  the port of Tobruk in Libya. In the face of  his superior  fire power,  the Second South African Division, which mans the port, had  no option but to surrender on 21st June 1942.  The men  are  shipped to Italy.



POW is the true story of two POWs  – the one finds Love and the other  his soul!

Incarcerated, the men live in wooden bays, where their days are filled with fear and depression, hunger  and monotony. Some  join working parties and receive extra food. A few  become mentally disturbed.  The Red Cross supplies  food parcels to supplement their meager ration, but  delivery is too infrequent to prevent them from experiencing protracted periods of  hunger.

After the Italians sign an armistice with the Allies, the Germans  take control of the POW camps in Italy and transport the prisoners to Germany.

The two prisoners unscrew the ventilation grill in the cattle truck in which they are transported, and jump off  the moving train beyond the Po River…To Freedom

This is their story

About The Author – Sam Caplan 
In January 1940, during WW2, I volunteered for service as a signaler in the South African Army. After a short stint in Gazala in Libya, I was posted to Tobruk. When the 2nd SA Division surrendered to Gen. Rommel on June 21 1942, I became a POW. After a year ‘in the bag’ in Italy, on September 13 1943, while being transported to Nazi Germany, I escaped from a cattle truck  and traversed nearly 600 km to link up with the Allied Forces at Foggia (See my novel POW, to be published.)
Demobbed, I joined the SA Zionist Federation in Johannesburg,  progressed to Executive Secretary, and was involved in Israel’s War of Independence. In 1953 I resigned to become Manager for Africa for El Al Israel Airlines. 2 years later I withdrew to become a life assurance agent for Sun Life of Canada, and was invited (twice) to the USA to give a keynote address at an international conference of life underwriters.
The early death through cancer of my beloved wife (See my novel, MY WIFE IS DYING, to be published); the drowning of our  son; and the death of another  through a brain tumour filled my cup of tragedy to its brim. On the rebound, I married a bi-polar woman. {Still to be released, MARY”S MALADY)
During the last eighteen months I wrote 3 novels of Biblical fiction:  A DASHING AFTER THE WIND,  AHAB AND JEZEBEL,  and THE FLAME, which I found most enjoyable of all fiction writing. That at 94 I could produce three publishable novels must surely rank as an unusual achievement.  I write every day, averaging about 6 hours. In addition to 2 other novels, which I have prepared for release, I now devote myself to my memoirs, MY LONG LIFE, which could be a blockbuster as I believe I have attained the zenith of my novel writing.

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