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Storm Shadow 500Trained as a lethal killer, his luck ran out in the blast of an IED while on patrol in Helmand Province. With his shattered body healed but his Army career at an end, he returned to his home to start life afresh in the rural countryside of south west England.
Little did he realise as he settled back into familiar surroundings and renewed old acquaintances that within a matter of weeks events would decree that his deadly skills would be called upon again.
Far from the searing heat of Afghanistan, this time he faced the enemy in his homeland on the Somerset Levels, through the quiet lanes of Cornwall and across the rolling hills of Exmoor.
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Jaws of Dragon 500In The Jaws Of The Dragon
In 1793 the H.M.S. SIRIUS spotted dragons flying off the northwestern shore of Australia while making an attempt to circumnavigate the southern continent. It was decided to capture a living specimen or, at the very least, bring the remains of one back to England. This decision turned out to be fatal for the ship and her crew.
After a battle with the SIRIUS, the dragons, with their ability to change shape and realizing their solitude was about to change forever, decided to adapt to a human way of life. The creation of the closed village of Dragons’ Keep allowed them to keep their isolation in an ever shrinking world.
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Landing in eden 500Landing in Eden
How do you punish evil?
When the apple taints completely…
Mike McCallister leads a normal, peacefully boring existence. He lives in a quiet little town, has a good job, a very close friend, and is blissfully married to the love of his life. Aside from a rocky relationship with his institutionalized father, all is well in Mike’s world.
Everything changes when his community suffers from their first brutal murder. It sends him on a violent journey wildly blurring reality and fantasy.
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Tales of the glass 500Tales of the Glass
Harbouring dreams of love and literature, Jonathan Bertha is banished by his powerful father, and forced into exile to stalk the darkest alleyways of Mothsport.
Hiding in the ruins of his once great mansion, he is discovered more than a year later by a young girl. Buried beneath strange maps, he raves about a route across the Silent Seas.
But in the darkness, Jonathan Bertha is building something, something made of dead things, things that were best left untouched.
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Twist of fate 500A Twist of Fate
A compelling story of unparalleled love, daring defiance and distressing revelations.
‘A Twist of Fate’ is a story of a close-knit farming community in West Sussex. The lives of the Grayson’s and the wealthy Fitzwilliam’s families’, inexplicably intertwine, resulting in an unlikely friendship between teenagers, Hannah Grayson, a farmer’s daughter, and Ralph Fitzwilliam, a wealthy landowner’s son. However, the attraction is not without its’ setbacks. Secrets and intrigue surfaces from the past to cause emotional turmoil and continually test their relationship.
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Reader writer 500The Reader the Writer
A woman is writing a novel. She is the Writer. Each evening, her partner comes home and they talk about her work that day. He is the Reader. Her novel describes a married couple and their attempts to cope with the revelation that the husband has been seeing prostitutes over a number of years. The wife is torn between her radical feminist past, when she made friends with a streetwalker, and the hatred she feels for the women who have ruined her marriage. The husband becomes increasingly alienated as his world collapses around him.
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Family lost fathers 500Family of Lost Fathers
Sometimes in a family there is one person who is the centre of a pattern of relationships and changing circumstances. Such a one is Millie Flowers. Orphaned as a baby, unwittingly affected by an undetected murder, and barely educated, Millie’s passage to adulthood is characterised by naivety and inexperience. Her son, John, his childhood interrupted by war, takes the first steps towards a future that neither he nor his mother could have foreseen.
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Slanted 500SLANTED is a tapestry of satire and drama, love and romance, crime and redemption, and unexpected success.
It will make readers laugh out loud, and at times wipe tears from their eyes—tears not of sadness, but of joy.
The story is woven around the humorous dialogue and slanted antics of Aunt Hattie, who is as hilarious as she can be verbally brutal—due to candor not malice.
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Mooniana 500MOONIANA
In every epoch and age there are a handful of souls who hear the Earth’s voice, hearken to the Muses’s song and drink from the font of the Goddess of Wisdom. These are the poets, artists and visionairies of our world: the creative geniuses like Dante, Milton and Blake, whose inspiration and insights have shaped our cultural memory.
Unhappily, with the advent of the modern age the Muses’s song has become silent and the font of the Earth’s Wisdom has begun to dry up.
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Leeway 500Leeway

“Ye know sometimes people wanna tell ye how they feel, but they can’t.”
“Why not?” I ask sadly.
“Because they are afraid of what ye think about them.”
“When you love someone you should be able to say anything. No matter what.”
“Yeah, that’s the theory…”
What happens when a very young and charismatic pirate captain meets an unbelievably annoying and bitchy princess? All hell breaks loose!
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Room 543 500In Room 543

we could sleep on white sheets and be clean

this is a book for the stains

we got in the Rooms in between

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Debt Collector 500Debt Collector
What if you were gambling and racked up a huge debt?
How would you pay it off?
What if a gambling syndicate employed collectors who killed in order to gather the money you owed them?
What would you do if they came after you?
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Rise 2 500The Rise
A World On The Edge

His genius for adaptation gives recent immigrant Duncan Wemyss the chance to win some security even in the fantastic environment Down Under, where the sky gapes below you and the ground is overhead.
But the Antipodeans are restless and ambitious. They are searching for a leader to rescue them from the horrors which ooze from under the South Pole…. Read More

Fates Test 500Fates Test
Tren has taken the mantle of God of Life but he is still getting used to his powers.
Slavery is now rotting the heart of Kavernhive, a power gap left when The Blades defeated the assassins’ guild.
To top it all off Bane’s aura of Chaos is flaring more and more often. His leader is so far unaware of what he is, but Tren can feel it.
The power will only stay dormant for so long. Read More

No Joe Bloggs 500No Joe Bloggs
My book is an affectionate account of my life journey, growing up in Ilford, Essex, fond childhood memories, family anecdotes, my parents, grandparents, an abundance of quirkiness, quirky accounts of London while I was growing up, quirky football and sporting references, my favourite bands and music in some detail, an imaginary and moving account of my grandparents and mum as Holocaust survivors, an imaginary and I think very poignant story about a father and son relationship on the day of the 1966 World Cup Final, the Seventies, pop culture, favourite authors and everything that means so much to me. Read More

Snoutsfield 500A Snoutsfield Project
Snoutsfield – a long lost derelict village in Sussex is inherited by Donna Preston.
In 1799 Sir Treffry Cardinham is forced to change his name to Sir William Preston. His reasons for doing so resonating into Donna’s life centuries later.
During WWII the now derelict village becomes a covert RAF base called Downland. During 1943 two French airman follow horribly in the dark path Sir William strode long before. Read More

Hunting Darkside 500Hunting The Darkside
Sophie is 23 and in serious trouble. Her hometown is under attack from the creatures that live in your nightmares. When she discovers she needs help she calls her estranged brothers – Dean and Leo – who drive down immediately to help Sophie to save the town. However, all too soon they are not just fighting monsters; they are fighting the secrets within their own family. Secrets which could change everything. Hunting The DarksideRead More

Minology 2 500Minology ll
There is a murderer on the loose and the min of The Gutlands are starting to panic. But what’s s got them even more nervous is the distinct possibility that there could be a severe shortage of turkey sandwiches this Christmas, and to some members of the Kushnick Tribe, there is a certain sense of déjà vu to it all. Read More

Dragon royalty 500Dragon Royalty
“Fantasy worlds exist in our minds to give us a type of escape from reality. Don’t be afraid to explore it,” Thomas said with assurance.
“Sometimes I think that it might be kind of cool to live in the places that I dream about, if in fact, they were real places,” Alex replied thoughtfully.
Alex didn’t realize what he was saying. In his simple life, his only responsibilities were to go to work and pay a few bills. Read More

Tales of Amergin
These are the mystical, magical and spiritual adventures of the sea druid, poet and warrior prince Amergin.
The Milesian tribes have swept across Europe. Their quest to fulfill the prophecy that they will journey to a promised land across the Northern Ocean, to the island of destiny.
A land seen in a vision from a great tower built on the Northern shores of Galicia in Northern Spain.
Their journey takes them into the realm beyond the veil, inhabited by enlightened beings and malign otherworldly forces. Read More

Spanning cultures, generations and continents, this epic tale of commitment and exceptional courage will rip at your emotions. A Korean and an English family drawn together by the greatest passion of all surmount incredible odds as they battle toward a common goal.
A true-life love story told with compelling attention to detail and a no-holds-barred grittiness. Capturing you with the shameful suffering caused by the Japanese occupation of Korea and the horrifying Korean War. Transporting you from enforced labour camps creating new cities in the Saudi desert to the gripping challenge of a terrifying ocean voyage on a small fishing boat. Woven within the story of two people coming together is the fight they must make to assist a close relative affected by the debilitating drug scene in the UK and then deal with a graphic denouement in the unforgiving world of Korean big business.Read More

Pins and Feathers
Victorian England, a time of great wealth and expansion but who drives this wealth? Men and women who live and work in terrible conditions, one such man is Abraham slaving in a quarry pit in the North of England.
He is witness to the tragic death of his best friend when he is crushed under tonnes of stone. Abraham is spurred into joining the struggle for union recognition during a time of social upheaval, but to relieve the pain of his friend’s death he also becomes embroiled in clog fighting. This brutal sport of gladiatorial intensity will often end the fighter’s life.
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Twilight Visitor
On a secluded stretch of beach girding the idyllic coastal town of Afife, Portugal, sits a lonely man enduring the harsh and blustery winds, hoping to escape the tragic reality of his mediocre life. His solitude is broken by the appearance of a strangely beautiful and mysterious woman who engages him in a bizarre dialogue. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a global crisis erupts, quickly mushrooming in just 24-hours into a worldwide event which threatens the very survival of all mankind. Read More

Light Hidden in Darkness
When the face that stares back at Seamus Winshell from the morning mirror is not a face he recognizes, Seamus knows something is wrong. Very wrong!
In exploring his surroundings, Seamus finds his apartment, alien and strange, while the city outside is new and unknown. Hoping to find answers or someone to help him, Seamus ventures out into this new world, a world of which he has no knowledge, recollection, or even a single point of reference. Who is Seamus Winshell and how did he end up in this strange place? Who is Raphael and is he here to help or torment Seamus?
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Late Shift
“When someone shoots you while you’re on duty, I think you have right to be pissed off. When you discover you have the ability to make sure the nasty little scrote does time in the afterlife, even if the conventional courts let you down, it’s an ‘accident’ waiting to happen…”
Good police officers are hard to find so when PC Nick Kerridge finds himself waking up in the afterlife he’s offered a job much like his last one. Only instead of collecting people with outstanding warrants against their names, he’s collecting overdue souls. Frustrated by the fact that Nick’s murderer continues to be on the loose the team decide it’s time to bend the rules a little and reap some overtimeRead More

Final Seers
Miles Rennie’s life changes forever when he meets Kenny, a mysterious and noble dog abandoned in strange circumstances.
Miles discovers they are in danger from a dark threat and he and Kenny forge a supernatural bond that unlocks bravery he didn’t know he had. His search for answers leads him to a resourceful French girl, Sophie, and a magical Egyptian book that contains secrets crucial to humanity.
Can the children unlock the book’s hidden powers? What is so special about Kenny? Who are the sinister Middle Eastern men searching for them? And how is this all linked to a looming global crisis?.Read More

Sometimes you meet a person and everything changes in that moment. A beautiful woman stops to offer you a lift and you accept. In that one moment everything changes. The destiny of your whole life alters, veers away from everything you had planned. Suddenly you are dumped into – well is it chaos or is it hell?
Keith meets Denise and is drawn into a web of lies so dense he doesn’t realise until far too late… Until after their children are born and he is an accomplice to her murderous ways.Read More

Karen and the Microbuddies – Love
Karen2 500Karen has been on antibiotics. Her visits to the flask to see Buddy Longtail was no longer the same. “You belong to me,” Buddy said in a firm tone. Dr. Allison Rogers is not comfortable about the micro-buddies’ cultures in her lab and she must do something after rumors spread about Karen’s illness from the culture work. A colleague is competing with her and her personal life hit rough waves. Karen’s life is in shambles.Read More

Of Strong October
Winter, 1659.
A young woman flees into the Lakeland wilds.
Villagers who have tried her for witchcraft hunt her down.
Behind her in brooding lands touched by Civil War, superstition, plague and hunger, lies a trail of bizarre and violent deaths.
God’s Judgement.
Liddia Fisher’s journey, from abandoned baby, to headstrong Lady of Fellbarrow Hall with husband and lover, and then to desperate fugitive, is the hub around which the wheel of death turns.Read More

Rosie Wrinkles and the Wiccan Deity
Why is eight-year-old Rosie Wrinkles in a sack…and who is this strangely clad person with writing on his head who she persuaded to release her with the promise of showing him her magic?
These are the first thoughts Rosie has on waking and finding herself abducted and going who knows where!
Her precious memory bottle is still safely around her neck and the man, MacSwindle, is very impressed by her magic and takes a shine to the young Rosie Wrinkles with her pretty face and long dark hair.
Not enough, however, for him not to continue his mission to deliver his latest kidnap victim and be met by the dour Matron at Flyblown Alley back entrance to Destitution Road Workhouse.
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When Gabe’s hands started smoking in the school bathroom, he and his brother, Simon, figured that that would be the weirdest day of their lives. That was until they move to Blackheart Island where they run into Brianne, Bridget and Anne, who join them in near death experiences, Warlocks who are older and more powerful than they look, Deceivers whose looks are absolutely deceiving and Widows who really want them dead. Oh … and Magic, which turns out to be both a blessing and a curse.’ Read More

Forever England
“…And there will be a corner of some foreign field that will be forever England.”
Only these days it’s more likely to be a half finished villa overlooking a championship golf course somewhere on one of The Costas.
Following an unfortunate encounter with Spanish gin measures and an enthusiastic estate agent, retired special effects engineer Terry England is the proud owner of a nearly completed villa in a new urbanisation in Southern Spain.
Not quite how he’d intended to spend his enforced early retirement Terry nevertheless tries to make the best of his new life. If only the local council can work out which house he’s actually bought and the leaf blowers would please stop. Read More

Jim Thompson received a phone call from a dead man
A man he watched die one drunken, adulterous night while out of town on business. Jim’s wife, Deirdre, doesn’t know his secret. Neither does Detective Frank Gibbons, who is hot on the case of the year-old crime. In this supernatural thriller, Jim’s past surfaces through his guilt and lies. As Detective Gibbons closes in on the truth, Jim and Deirdre must run from a malevolent stalker in this terrifying horror tale of deception and murder. Read More

Among the Rituns, the tribes people of the Hoka Forests, Kit is given a golden opportunity. The opportunity to be free. She only had to stay free from the Elders.
With her exotic new friends, one of which is an adored socialite, Kit accustoms herself to Rituns foreign and erratic way of life.
However, as Dominic seems to be showing less and less interest in her, she can’t shake the feeling that he’s not as in love with her as she had expected. Coupled with the fact there is a gorgeous Ritun girl out to snatch him from under Kit’s nose and a charming seasiun she seems to be getting mixed signals from, Kit is living a life of confusion.
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Chelmsford 2012 / Many Hearts, One Mind
In 2012 the Olympics came to London. After two dry winters the government declared a drought. Then it started raining and didn’t stop for four months.
The Queen celebrated her Diamond Jubilee, Chelmsford was granted city status and became the First City of Essex.
Tiny was running a small computer games company. He planned to transform his baby into a global player.Work colleague, Hugh; Tiny’s oldest, funniest and fattest friend was eating, drinking and joking himself into oblivion. Norman was the company’s young computer games genius. He had been totting up notches on the bedpost.Gordon was the company accountant, a gay activist and he had his own agenda.
The story up to July 2012 changes all their lives.
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This & That, Here & There
Have you ever wondered why the French and the English seem to be eternally mystified by each other? What began as a little misunderstanding over a trip to the seaside in 1066 continues to create much puzzlement each time these two nations come into contact.
French Dog Just what is it that causes The Frogs and The Rosbifs to be forever poking fun at the other? Why do we seem to be totally incapable of communicating no matter how loudly we shout?Read More

First Touch
Football, the beautiful game and one played by boys all over the world.
Football, the game many will use to make vast sums of money from those young men.
Football, the game of hope for hundreds who need a new life in the golden land of Europe.
Football, the trap. The beautiful trap for young men who have their dreams smashed.
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A solitary grave lies outside the walls of an old cemetery.

An unseen woman is heard crying outside an old cottage at night.

A strange light appears in the woods near that cottage.
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The Mark of Man
Hal, a Forty, knows when he is going to die.
In fact through a cruel genetic twist, so does everybody else; for all humans are suddenly being born branded with a mark demonstrating their organic timeline. If one is branded a Forty you die at Forty. As with all humans, Hal has learned to accept his fate, until that is he falls in love with Ama, a Ninety
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King of Mekong
Filled with curiosity about the jungles of Vietnam from his father’s war stories, Mick and a group of friends set out on an adventure trip near the Cambodian border countries. But the brochures had neglected to mention the bandit groups who plied their slave trade around the region. With most of the group taken captive Mick escapes and with the help of a local farmer he makes a dash for Ho Chi Minh City to find help. Only once there he discovers he is being hunted by the police as well.
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Ever wondered what really goes on inside your head? If you remember the Numskulls you’ll already have a fair idea, if not, prepare to be transported to a world like no other.

For Penelope Potts, living inside an ear could only be described as boring. She would give anything just to have something interesting to do. Yet, Penelope has a powerful gift, she can read the nerves and see into the thoughts of The Will itself.
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Beyond Time
Trained to police the timelines, Alex Swithen accidently creates a paradox. His naive attempt to improve the past has led to a huge corruption in our own history. One where millions died as the result of a tiny mistake. The mistake that created the plagues. He knows he must try to undo the damage he has caused but he is cut off from his own time and trapped in our past.

Beyond reach.

Beyond Time.Read More

In 1890s Shoreditch, Mary typesets her journal hoping that one day someone will read it and discover the terrifying truth behind the facade of her marriage and her fears as to who her husband might be. Read More

The Crossover
In the English village pub, The Royal Oak in Whimbury, something big is about to happen and it’s going to upset Quiz Night.
The world of the Fairies and the Humans are about to become intertwined forever, drawn together by a very special baby. But first the Fairies need to stop squabbling for a moment and Percy Grumplet has to be persuaded to part with his wool. . Read More

A Survivor's Guide to Eternity
One man’s journey redefines birth, death, the afterlife, reincarnation and immortality. When Ed Trew wakes up with a killer hangover, little does he realise that it is the beginning of a mind-boggling journey of revelations and surprises that completely reshapes his view of the world. Read More

A shadowy group dedicated to removing the evil from society by any means. The ultimate sanction and the final resource in the war against those who would do us harm and those who believe they are unreachable.
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Heart Of Eternity
When you are invited to dance with the muse of love, when you are driven to the edge by the pain of the past, when you hold the remedy for what ails you in your arms you will find yourself in the heart of eternity.
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A Divided Universe
A Divided Universe contrasts the relative merits of science and religion, and concludes that both disciplines are necessary for a proper understanding of life. This book is a rare combination of depth and breadth. A Divided Universe is a book to be read by anyone interested in the human condition and the nature of existence. La Source
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The Triangle In The Dock
The Triangle, once a model of prosperity and peace, is heading for a civil war that would threaten the stability of the neighbouring lands.
Angry against one another, the two territories of The Triangle were on one another's neck, looking eyeball-to-eyeball with none willing to blink first. The world was obliged to act and called The Triangle to the dock to plead its case in the presence of a college of carefully selected judges. The verdict would be final and subject to no appeal. Read More

Published by Mirador PublishingGhosts of The Heart
Ghosts of the Heart is the second book in the Shadows on the Trail Trilogy and takes place on the prairies and mountains of Colorado at the end of the Pleistocene, a time of major climatic change and mammal extinctions. It was a time when small tribes of humans fought to survive in a violent and unpredictable world. This is the continuing saga of the Folsom People, a prehistoric tribe of hunters and gatherers, who are venturing to an idyllic land called the North Country
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No Time
The chemical weapons from the second Gulf War weren’t in Iraq at all, Saddam had moved them quietly into the deserts of Iran. When he died, Iran inherited everything.

Unfortunately so did the West. When their forces reluctantly moved once more into the Middle East hoping to destroy a despotic regime, Iran’s leaders, in a last desperate act, unleashed all the weapons at their disposal. A chemical miasma filled the air over the opposing armies and both sides were decimated.

The West shipped their people home. The doctors tried everything to find a cure for the new diseases created by the biological cocktails. They couldn’t. The soldiers died. Governments and people mourned until unbelievable reports came in of the dead walking and feeding.
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Prior to the filming of a blockbuster trilogy, its world-famous lead action said he was required to read three books before he even saw the script. One of those was by Jean Baudrillard and another from the internationally acclaimed Introducing... series.
Now, in GODSENT, a contributor to several books from the same series, and co-author of Introducing Baudrillard, who has also had rare personal access to the great cultural theorist, has taken simulacra to reality. In this fast-paced SF novel, he combines fresh philosophical notions with original concepts of digitised afterlife and reconstructed psyche to bring us to a brand-new evolutionary stage.
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The Man with No Name
Dead in his prime, or is that what he wants others to believe?
Sexually dissolute, or is that what others want to believe?
An incautious rake, or a force for good in the world?

The man with no name takes us on an remarkable adventure tracing the Harris family from its roots in the UK, through its exhilarating relationships with the family of Mjanyelwa Mashiane, great healer of the warrior Ndebele people; part of the fierce and proud Zulu nation. We journey through the trials that have shaped the modern generation. We experience their complex love, transcending barriers of taste and acceptability. We fight their battles, being re-born with potency, dignity, and love.

Bizarre Letters of St John Morris
To tread the path that Alice feared...
St John Morris likes to explore. Except the frontiers he challenges are not those of the jungles or the seas, nor even the outer reaches of space. Those paths are well trodden now. St John Morris likes to explore the last of the great territories, the ones we all fear, the ones we stumble upon then retreat lest we never find our way back. St John likes to explore the inside of his head. But this time he may have gone too far and like Alice before him, he faces a bewildering world with no apparent way home.
Tempted into this world not by the entreaties of a White Rabbit but by his psychologist, St John encounters an increasingly bizarre world where television celebrities hold the threads of Atropos and the devil demands poetry for safe passage

Bedside Book for Older Cavers
Anyone who has passed the age of seventy needs to have a positive attitude to life in order to enjoy it. This book explains how ‘older cavers’ develop and maintain this attitude, as well as taking an active interest in their chosen sport.
There is something here for everyone, not just the cavers and non-caving pensioners, but for the younger folk, who will, one day, hopefully, experience life as ‘older folk’. The book is filled with amusing and interesting articles for fire-side, or bed-time reading. The philosophies embedded in the text may also stimulate the thoughts of the perceptive reader.
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The Full Stop Artist
In a quiet provincial town in Western France things are about to get interesting…
Hugo, ‘The Full Stop Artist’, plans to assassinate five people in twenty four hours and escape unseen.
Harold wants to kill his parents and inherit his chateau.
Maurice wants to kill both his philandering wife and her lover.
Tifaine wants to kill her father because… well he probably deserves it.
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