Rio’s World

Rio 500Riona Marionette is a girl with a secret. 
A girl with a mysterious and strange past. A girl haunted by reoccurring nightmares that become more intrusive into her waking hours.
Riona’s life changes as she leaves her home and family to participate in an International Basketball tournament as the only girl in the team. She gets highly frustrated with Victore, the new hot guy on the team, as he constantly antagonizes her and observes her every move. There’s something strange about him that Rio spends an ideal amount of time trying to figure out.
In an attempt to put her fears behind her, she throws herself into the team, rejoicing in the wins and supporting each other in the losses.
However, her nightmares grow worse as something tries to break out of her memory. She ends up finding comfort in the last person that she’d expect to understand, Victore. If only she could remember what she was supposed to…
Rio’s world is a life affirming fun read following Riona and her team mates as they suffer the traumas and enjoy the highs of competitive basketball. Rayna skilfully blends elements of humor, romance and mystery. Everything a book needs.
Published by Mirador Publishing – Proud Supporters of New Authors

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