Romeo and Juliet

Romeo & Juliet 500“Romeo & Juliet is one of the most beautiful and best known stories in the world. However, until now, we have only ever heard one side of the tale. New documents have emerged that tell the tale from a different perspective. A direct and hitherto unknown witness.

Benvilio Montague, successful banker and head of one of the most powerful families in Verona, sits on his balcony and settles down to write his recollections of the events surrounding the tragic deaths of these two young lovers. As his memoirs unfold it becomes clear that there was much that was never revealed in the original texts.

Benvilio has guarded his secret for most of his life but now, in his twilight years, he fights with painful memories to complete the manuscript and tell the truth of what happened all those years before. If only the nightmares will allow him to finish.

David Kazelli presents us with this remarkable story that will make you question everything you thought you knew about two of the best loved characters in the literary world.

“”A quite extraordinary and insightful piece of work.”” The Book Reviewer.”


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