Rosie Wrinkles and the Wiccan Deity

Rosie Wrinkles and the Wiccan Deity

Rosie wrinkles 500Why is eight-year-old Rosie Wrinkles in a sack…and who is this strangely clad person with writing on his head who she persuaded to release her with the promise of showing him her magic?

These are the first thoughts Rosie has on waking and finding herself abducted and going who knows where!

Her precious memory bottle is still safely around her neck and the man, MacSwindle, is very impressed by her magic and takes a shine to the young Rosie Wrinkles with her pretty face and long dark hair.

Not enough, however, for him not to continue his mission to deliver his latest kidnap victim and be met by the dour Matron at Flyblown Alley back entrance to Destitution Road Workhouse.

Rosie wakes early next morning in the workhouse to find her clothes and her memory bottle missing, and in their place drab rags and heavy boots.  She does however discover quite soon that the boots are magic and have a genie hidden inside who will grant her three wishes!

She meets other youngsters in the locked dormitory in far worse condition than her all looked after by the large but kindly nurse Martha Styles.

Sissy Smith with a paralyzed arm due to polio as a baby, seven-year old Hubert Bax, blinded in one eye by his brother, orphaned ten-year old Albert Tippett with a cleft lip, almost twelve Harriet Harper deaf in one ear and seven year-old Malcolm Parry, unfortunately ugly and totally blind due to smallpox.

Conditions in the rest of Destitution Road Workhouse seem far worse for everyone else, why are these six children separate from the others who are crammed into rooms far less spacious than theirs are? The corridors are overcrowded and smelly with the dead taken to the cemetery on a regular basis.

The six of them are informed that they are to be picked up the next day to go to a special place, where will they be taken and why…can anywhere be worse than the place they are in now or will it be out of the fat and into the fire?

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