Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls

Sanjukt 500Cornelius Phipps is a man caught in a web of despair.

 Utkena is a demon seeking vengeance.

 Sanjukta is a woman striving for justice.

The moment she is born during a terrible storm, which also sees the death of her mother, Sanjukta’s destiny is sealed. Half Native American Indian, she is given the gifts necessary to fight an evil created by the Nations but used by the White Man.

Her life becomes a battlefield. Both in the Court House, where she fights for the rights of her people becoming a renown lawyer, and in the spirit plane. Here, in this truly dangerous place, she must find the strength to survive heartbreak and evil. With cunning, bravery and the knowledge that true love must find a way to survive in a dark world, she faces her demons…

Sanjukta And The Box of Souls draws on the ancient Native American traditions while combining them with the glass and steel world of lawyers and money men. Through Sanjukta’s eyes we see these two worlds collide and fight for supremacy. Can she find her destiny and have her true love? Can she save her people without turning her back on her life away from her homelands? Will she unite both sides so together humanity can save itself from the darkness?

This is a journey of courage, heart, spirit and most of all friendship.

Meet The Author

. Elizabeth has worked in many theatres all over the country from Scotland to Plymouth both on Commercial and Classical tours as well as Repertory seasons in Birmingham, Worthing, Lancaster, Peterborough, Worcester, Second City and others. She enjoyed performing on the Fringe with the Writers’ Theatre Company and Women’s Project, which focused on new writing. However, one of Elizabeth’s favourite roles was the White Witch in The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe at the Westminster Theatre in London before she moved to Devon where she taught English, and History at GCSE level. She also specialized in teaching Special Needs children before lecturing in A level Theatre Studies and B.Tec performing Arts at Sixth Form College. Coupled with directing and teaching Drama at Drama Schools in Birmingham and Maidenhead, Elizabeth has written a number of plays, some with professional productions, most notably, Mockingbirds Don’t Sing. Elizabeth has finally settled happily in North Devon to write full time and resides on a farm with her husband Andrew Spear, their dog, Pippin and Ashton the cat.

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