Satanic Diaries

Satanic Diaries 500Satan isn’t happy. His wife’s left him, his Chief Of Security’s gone round the bend and, to top it all off, his psychiatrist is making him keep a diary. Angry, resentful and unable to cope with life Satan has no choice but to run away and start afresh. But is it possible to start again when you’re the Lord Of Hell? And what will happen to his kingdom whilst he’s gone? One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be a Hell of a ride. ‘The most irreverent, laugh-out-loud book about Satan you are ever going to read’


About The Author

Hello, good evening (or morning, or night – please feel free to take your pick) and welcome to my page. Here you can browse my enormous back catalogue and, perhaps, choose to part with some money. If you do decide to make a purchase then I am happy to assure you that The Bookshop accepts all major forms of debit and credit card. I’m sorry to say, however, that due to current technical limitations they are unable to accept cash. You’re welcome to try putting a 50p coin in your USB slot if you like, but it won’t do you any good. Unless it’s a magic USB slot of course, but that’s for another day.

Just in case you’re interested, I will now proceed to provide a short autobiography.

I am English. I am a man. I write books. The Satanic Diaries is my debut novel, and if enough of you buy it then I might be able to publish the sequel as well. So fingers crossed for that. If you ARE still wavering as to whether to give me money then please visit my website, where you’ll find extracts from both The Satanic Diaries and the sequel More Satanic Diaries, as well as brief character biographies and some rather striking flaming-torch themed wallpaper.

Bye then.


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