Saving Miguel

Saving Miguel 500Saving Miguel takes place in the not too distant future when the global economy collapses into the deepest abyss the world has ever known, pushing over seventy-five percent of the world’s population into poverty. Most of these people lose everything to this global economic crash: security, money, dreams, and most importantly, hope for their future. Out of the ashes of fallen governments and dreams come a few rich and powerful men to rule over this new world. These new monarchs govern their worldly fiefdoms and subjects through fear and intimidation, establishing a modern-day feudal system rivaling that of Medieval Europe.


As the world plunges deeper into starvation and despair, the people of one monarchy find hope for the future in an eight-year old runaway boy named Miguel Brushnikov, the youngest son of the monarch. When Miguel finds himself alone in the dangerous urban sprawl, his father’s search threatens to destroy the city and topple his entire monarchy. While certain groups lie and cheat to profit from Miguel, other groups protect him from the evil that hunts him down. The battle for Miguel rages both on the city streets and in his royal family.

 Miguel is just a boy but he is the only hope the world has left…

 About the author

 John Bradford Branney just completed a successful career in the global oil and gas industry where he held positions in the areas of field operations, sales and marketing, and global supply chain. He holds a B.S. Degree in geology from the University of Wyoming and a MBA in finance from the University of Colorado. Mr. Branney currently lives in Houston, Texas with his wife Theresa and their animal menagerie.


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