Schrodinger’s Cottage

Schrodingers 500Tinker’s Cottage nestles in a forgotten corner of deepest Somerset. It also happens to sit on a weak point in the space time continuum. Which is somewhat unfortunate for Ian Faulkener, a graphic novelist from London, who was hoping for some peace and quiet in which to recuperate following a very messy breakdown. It was the cats that first alerted Ian to the fact that something was not quite right with Tinker’s Cottage. Not only was he never sure just how many of them there actually were, but the mysterious way they seemed to disappear and reappear defied logic. The cats, and of course the Pope, disappearing literary agents, mislaid handymen and the insanity of Cherie Blair World. As Ian tries to untangle the mystery of the doors of Tinker’s cottage he risks becoming lost forever in the myriad alternate universes predicted by Schrodinger. Not to mention his cats. Schrodinger’s Cottage is a playful romp through a variety of alternate worlds peopled by an array of wonderful comic characters that are the trademark of David Luddington’s novels. For fans of the sadly missed Douglas Adams, Schrodinger’s Cottage will be a welcome addition to their library. A heart-warming comedy with touches of inspired lunacy that pays homage to The Hitchhiker’s Guide whilst firmly treading its own path.

Meet The Author

David has always had a slightly sideways view of the world, finding humour in the strangest of situations. Often not the most helpful response but one which is difficult to avoid. Under the laughs, his books continue to explore the meaning of identity and who are we when society tries to dictate our role?

He currently lives in a remote corner of Spain with his wife Sarah and an indeterminate quantity of cats.


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