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Rise 2 500The Rise
A World On The Edge

His genius for adaptation gives recent immigrant Duncan Wemyss the chance to win some security even in the fantastic environment Down Under, where the sky gapes below you and the ground is overhead.
But the Antipodeans are restless and ambitious. They are searching for a leader to rescue them from the horrors which ooze from under the South Pole…. Read More

AppointmentEdgeForever 500Appointment at the Edge of Forever
Filion felt safe in his role as a Dream Searcher. He was paid to venture into other’s dreams and exert influence over individuals whom he would never meet in the flesh. But that was until he received The Summoning. Filion has been called to track down and protect Ryo, the last of the Chozen.
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Jaws of Dragon 500In The Jaws Of The Dragon
In 1793 the H.M.S. SIRIUS spotted dragons flying off the northwestern shore of Australia while making an attempt to circumnavigate the southern continent. It was decided to capture a living specimen or, at the very least, bring the remains of one back to England. This decision turned out to be fatal for the ship and her crew.
After a battle with the SIRIUS, the dragons, with their ability to change shape and realizing their solitude was about to change forever, decided to adapt to a human way of life. The creation of the closed village of Dragons’ Keep allowed them to keep their isolation in an ever shrinking world.
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Landing in eden 500Landing in Eden
How do you punish evil?
When the apple taints completely…
Mike McCallister leads a normal, peacefully boring existence. He lives in a quiet little town, has a good job, a very close friend, and is blissfully married to the love of his life. Aside from a rocky relationship with his institutionalized father, all is well in Mike’s world.
Everything changes when his community suffers from their first brutal murder. It sends him on a violent journey wildly blurring reality and fantasy.
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Tales of the glass 500Tales of the Glass
Harbouring dreams of love and literature, Jonathan Bertha is banished by his powerful father, and forced into exile to stalk the darkest alleyways of Mothsport.
Hiding in the ruins of his once great mansion, he is discovered more than a year later by a young girl. Buried beneath strange maps, he raves about a route across the Silent Seas.
But in the darkness, Jonathan Bertha is building something, something made of dead things, things that were best left untouched.
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Mooniana 500MOONIANA
In every epoch and age there are a handful of souls who hear the Earth’s voice, hearken to the Muses’s song and drink from the font of the Goddess of Wisdom. These are the poets, artists and visionairies of our world: the creative geniuses like Dante, Milton and Blake, whose inspiration and insights have shaped our cultural memory.
Unhappily, with the advent of the modern age the Muses’s song has become silent and the font of the Earth’s Wisdom has begun to dry up.
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Long Lost Futures
Randall didn’t know he had a destiny until it interrupted his lunch one day; and it was bigger than he could possibly have imagined (his destiny, not his lunch).
That's when he met the mysterious Marcus Han - brainier than a clumsy butcher's floor, and secretly the richest man in the world, he would be Randall's companion and mentor through the challenges they must face in their struggle to stop the entire Galaxy from vanishing. Read More
Fates Test 500Fates Test
Tren has taken the mantle of God of Life but he is still getting used to his powers.
Slavery is now rotting the heart of Kavernhive, a power gap left when The Blades defeated the assassins’ guild.
To top it all off Bane’s aura of Chaos is flaring more and more often. His leader is so far unaware of what he is, but Tren can feel it.
The power will only stay dormant for so long. Read More

Hunting Darkside 500Hunting The Darkside
Sophie is 23 and in serious trouble. Her hometown is under attack from the creatures that live in your nightmares. When she discovers she needs help she calls her estranged brothers – Dean and Leo – who drive down immediately to help Sophie to save the town. However, all too soon they are not just fighting monsters; they are fighting the secrets within their own family. Secrets which could change everything. Hunting The DarksideRead More

Minology 2 500Minology ll
There is a murderer on the loose and the min of The Gutlands are starting to panic. But what’s s got them even more nervous is the distinct possibility that there could be a severe shortage of turkey sandwiches this Christmas, and to some members of the Kushnick Tribe, there is a certain sense of déjà vu to it all. Read More

Dragon royalty 500Dragon Royalty
“Fantasy worlds exist in our minds to give us a type of escape from reality. Don’t be afraid to explore it,” Thomas said with assurance.
“Sometimes I think that it might be kind of cool to live in the places that I dream about, if in fact, they were real places,” Alex replied thoughtfully.
Alex didn’t realize what he was saying. In his simple life, his only responsibilities were to go to work and pay a few bills. Read More

Tales of Amergin
These are the mystical, magical and spiritual adventures of the sea druid, poet and warrior prince Amergin.
The Milesian tribes have swept across Europe. Their quest to fulfill the prophecy that they will journey to a promised land across the Northern Ocean, to the island of destiny.
A land seen in a vision from a great tower built on the Northern shores of Galicia in Northern Spain.
Their journey takes them into the realm beyond the veil, inhabited by enlightened beings and malign otherworldly forces. Read More

Twilight Visitor
On a secluded stretch of beach girding the idyllic coastal town of Afife, Portugal, sits a lonely man enduring the harsh and blustery winds, hoping to escape the tragic reality of his mediocre life. His solitude is broken by the appearance of a strangely beautiful and mysterious woman who engages him in a bizarre dialogue. Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, a global crisis erupts, quickly mushrooming in just 24-hours into a worldwide event which threatens the very survival of all mankind. Read More

Light Hidden in Darkness
When the face that stares back at Seamus Winshell from the morning mirror is not a face he recognizes, Seamus knows something is wrong. Very wrong!
In exploring his surroundings, Seamus finds his apartment, alien and strange, while the city outside is new and unknown. Hoping to find answers or someone to help him, Seamus ventures out into this new world, a world of which he has no knowledge, recollection, or even a single point of reference. Who is Seamus Winshell and how did he end up in this strange place? Who is Raphael and is he here to help or torment Seamus?
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Late Shift
“When someone shoots you while you’re on duty, I think you have right to be pissed off. When you discover you have the ability to make sure the nasty little scrote does time in the afterlife, even if the conventional courts let you down, it’s an ‘accident’ waiting to happen…”
Good police officers are hard to find so when PC Nick Kerridge finds himself waking up in the afterlife he’s offered a job much like his last one. Only instead of collecting people with outstanding warrants against their names, he’s collecting overdue souls. Frustrated by the fact that Nick’s murderer continues to be on the loose the team decide it’s time to bend the rules a little and reap some overtimeRead More

Final Seers
Miles Rennie’s life changes forever when he meets Kenny, a mysterious and noble dog abandoned in strange circumstances.
Miles discovers they are in danger from a dark threat and he and Kenny forge a supernatural bond that unlocks bravery he didn’t know he had. His search for answers leads him to a resourceful French girl, Sophie, and a magical Egyptian book that contains secrets crucial to humanity.
Can the children unlock the book’s hidden powers? What is so special about Kenny? Who are the sinister Middle Eastern men searching for them? And how is this all linked to a looming global crisis?.Read More

Sometimes you meet a person and everything changes in that moment. A beautiful woman stops to offer you a lift and you accept. In that one moment everything changes. The destiny of your whole life alters, veers away from everything you had planned. Suddenly you are dumped into – well is it chaos or is it hell?
Keith meets Denise and is drawn into a web of lies so dense he doesn’t realise until far too late… Until after their children are born and he is an accomplice to her murderous ways.Read More

Karen and the Microbuddies – Love
Karen2 500Karen has been on antibiotics. Her visits to the flask to see Buddy Longtail was no longer the same. “You belong to me,” Buddy said in a firm tone. Dr. Allison Rogers is not comfortable about the micro-buddies’ cultures in her lab and she must do something after rumors spread about Karen’s illness from the culture work. A colleague is competing with her and her personal life hit rough waves. Karen’s life is in shambles.Read More

Rosie Wrinkles and the Wiccan Deity
Why is eight-year-old Rosie Wrinkles in a sack…and who is this strangely clad person with writing on his head who she persuaded to release her with the promise of showing him her magic?
These are the first thoughts Rosie has on waking and finding herself abducted and going who knows where!
Her precious memory bottle is still safely around her neck and the man, MacSwindle, is very impressed by her magic and takes a shine to the young Rosie Wrinkles with her pretty face and long dark hair.
Not enough, however, for him not to continue his mission to deliver his latest kidnap victim and be met by the dour Matron at Flyblown Alley back entrance to Destitution Road Workhouse.
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Of Strong October
Winter, 1659.
A young woman flees into the Lakeland wilds.
Villagers who have tried her for witchcraft hunt her down.
Behind her in brooding lands touched by Civil War, superstition, plague and hunger, lies a trail of bizarre and violent deaths.
God’s Judgement.
Liddia Fisher’s journey, from abandoned baby, to headstrong Lady of Fellbarrow Hall with husband and lover, and then to desperate fugitive, is the hub around which the wheel of death turns.Read More

When Gabe’s hands started smoking in the school bathroom, he and his brother, Simon, figured that that would be the weirdest day of their lives. That was until they move to Blackheart Island where they run into Brianne, Bridget and Anne, who join them in near death experiences, Warlocks who are older and more powerful than they look, Deceivers whose looks are absolutely deceiving and Widows who really want them dead. Oh … and Magic, which turns out to be both a blessing and a curse.’ Read More

Jim Thompson received a phone call from a dead man
A man he watched die one drunken, adulterous night while out of town on business. Jim’s wife, Deirdre, doesn’t know his secret. Neither does Detective Frank Gibbons, who is hot on the case of the year-old crime. In this supernatural thriller, Jim’s past surfaces through his guilt and lies. As Detective Gibbons closes in on the truth, Jim and Deirdre must run from a malevolent stalker in this terrifying horror tale of deception and murder. Read More

Among the Rituns, the tribes people of the Hoka Forests, Kit is given a golden opportunity. The opportunity to be free. She only had to stay free from the Elders.
With her exotic new friends, one of which is an adored socialite, Kit accustoms herself to Rituns foreign and erratic way of life.
However, as Dominic seems to be showing less and less interest in her, she can’t shake the feeling that he’s not as in love with her as she had expected. Coupled with the fact there is a gorgeous Ritun girl out to snatch him from under Kit’s nose and a charming seasiun she seems to be getting mixed signals from, Kit is living a life of confusion.
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A solitary grave lies outside the walls of an old cemetery.

An unseen woman is heard crying outside an old cottage at night.

A strange light appears in the woods near that cottage.
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The Mark of Man
Hal, a Forty, knows when he is going to die.
In fact through a cruel genetic twist, so does everybody else; for all humans are suddenly being born branded with a mark demonstrating their organic timeline. If one is branded a Forty you die at Forty. As with all humans, Hal has learned to accept his fate, until that is he falls in love with Ama, a Ninety
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Ever wondered what really goes on inside your head? If you remember the Numskulls you’ll already have a fair idea, if not, prepare to be transported to a world like no other.

For Penelope Potts, living inside an ear could only be described as boring. She would give anything just to have something interesting to do. Yet, Penelope has a powerful gift, she can read the nerves and see into the thoughts of The Will itself.
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Beyond Time
Trained to police the timelines, Alex Swithen accidently creates a paradox. His naive attempt to improve the past has led to a huge corruption in our own history. One where millions died as the result of a tiny mistake. The mistake that created the plagues. He knows he must try to undo the damage he has caused but he is cut off from his own time and trapped in our past.

Beyond reach.

Beyond Time.Read More

A Survivor's Guide To Eternity
One man’s journey redefines birth, death, the afterlife, reincarnation and immortality. When Ed Trew wakes up with a killer hangover, little does he realise that it is the beginning of a mind-boggling journey of revelations and surprises that completely reshapes his view of the world. Read More

No Time
The chemical weapons from the second Gulf War weren’t in Iraq at all, Saddam had moved them quietly into the deserts of Iran. When he died, Iran inherited everything.

Unfortunately so did the West. When their forces reluctantly moved once more into the Middle East hoping to destroy a despotic regime, Iran’s leaders, in a last desperate act, unleashed all the weapons at their disposal. A chemical miasma filled the air over the opposing armies and both sides were decimated.

The West shipped their people home. The doctors tried everything to find a cure for the new diseases created by the biological cocktails. They couldn’t. The soldiers died. Governments and people mourned until unbelievable reports came in of the dead walking and feeding.
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Prior to the filming of a blockbuster trilogy, its world-famous lead action said he was required to read three books before he even saw the script. One of those was by Jean Baudrillard and another from the internationally acclaimed Introducing... series.
Now, in GODSENT, a contributor to several books from the same series, and co-author of Introducing Baudrillard, who has also had rare personal access to the great cultural theorist, has taken simulacra to reality. In this fast-paced SF novel, he combines fresh philosophical notions with original concepts of digitised afterlife and reconstructed psyche to bring us to a brand-new evolutionary stage.
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The Crossover
In the English village pub, The Royal Oak in Whimbury, something big is about to happen and it’s going to upset Quiz Night.
The world of the Fairies and the Humans are about to become intertwined forever, drawn together by a very special baby. But first the Fairies need to stop squabbling for a moment and Percy Grumplet has to be persuaded to part with his wool. . Read More

In 1890s Shoreditch, Mary typesets her journal hoping that one day someone will read it and discover the terrifying truth behind the facade of her marriage and her fears as to who her husband might be. Read More

Axe Of Vengeance
Sixth Century Europe is in turmoil. The civilization, culture and order of the Roman Empire have been replaced by the savagery and brutality of Barbarian Hordes. Only Ireland remains at peace, thus far shielded from the threat of crimson steel. Norse raiders from the cold Northern shores have set upon the tranquil coastline of Ireland. Murder, theft and mayhem become commonplace.
Cathal, the son of a Celtic Chieftain, is a man moulded by virtue and honor. He is purposed to defend his Irish lands and people from the Northern invader. Treachery however is closer to hand as Cathal is betrayed by his devious brother who craves power and wealth. He is taken as a slave to the fjords of the North, where a life of toil and drudgery awaits. Through sheer strength of purpose and a seething desire for revenge Cathal gains the respect of his captors who embrace him as an honored Norseman.

The Legend of Kairu
The Tower of the Watchful Eye is the headquarters for the Order of Magic, a secret group of Mages that controls every aspect in the provinces of Kalenden. Young children that show magical abilities are whisked away from their families to be trained as an Apprentice. This is how Andrew ‘Andy’ Holcombe first arrived at the Tower and after a childhood of study it is time for him to choose his destiny.
The Order’s influence runs deep in a world of turmoil and the citizens are ready for change. It will be up to Andy to decide what type of world is the right one. But first he is going to have to overcome his inner Demons, with a little help from one.

When a diver disturbs a wrecked Spanish Galleon an ancient terror is released. The secret influence behind Kings, Queens and the powerful stretching back into the millennia. Who is the hooded figure who has made a sudden appearance in the wilds of Scotland? And why does a mysterious pendant hold such fascination for him? As the death toll starts to rise the fates entrust the future of mankind to a pair of actors and a linguist who must race to untangle an ancient inscription which might just hold the key to the greatest evil of all.
Stone is a roaring beast of a novel combining as it does elements of Indiana Jones, Dan Brown and a healthy mix of good old fashioned horror. Hold tight, this one will drag you screaming through till the end.

Hell's Secrets
What would you do to change your life? If you are going nowhere and stuck tight in a rut, tired of your job, of where you lived - if even your friends failed to give you real pleasure - then what would you do to alter your existence? If joy was now a thing of the past, if every molecule of your being wanted to deviate from the dull trudge you found yourself on - then wouldn't you leap at the opportunity of change if it was offered? 

The Lost Souls
Hakiki is the heir to the throne of Planet Haar, the most spiritually developed planet in the galaxy. Sent to Earth as a testing ground for his soul and to keep him safe from the forthcoming war with the Lost Souls, Hakiki must learn who he is and why he is so special. The Lost Souls is an intriguing crossover novel from Science Fiction into Spirutual Fantasy. The mythology is well developed and feels very real. Hakiki is convincing as the slightly reluctant catalyst in cosmic events that threaten to overwhelm him. The Lost Souls themselves are a terrifying creation and bring a sense of foreboding that permeates throughout. This is a brave debut novel in that the authors have dared to ttead their own path and create their own mythology, eschewing the tired old warhorses of vampires and ghosts.
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Juniper's Princess
Daniah is different, she always has been and now her dreams and visions of the future are increasing, she knows her life is changing. She just doesn't know by how much...
Jaiden is different, but he knows why and he knows his responsibilities. He must find the saviour of his race, the angel human half-breeds who are fighting a war for humanity's souls. If he can't convince Daniah she is more than just a little different - she is the princess of their people - they are all going to die.
Unfortunately Daniah doesn't have many reasons to trust Jadien, especially when he is caught in a web of his own lies.
In a world where half-breed angels walk among us, fighting an evil for our souls, Daniah must find the strength to become the princess we all need.
Chelsea O'Neal has a unique voice in storytelling, threading the characters lives together intricately to give us a complex web of good versus evil in a world descending into chaos...
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When Evil Strikes The World Needs An Angel.
Born and raised by her adopted father, Angelique lives an isolated life high in the mountains. Despite her isolation she is never lonely because Caleb knows she must be prepared for her great destiny. He teaches her everything he has come to know in his full and long life.
Angelique is more than just an angel by name and when she comes of age so too does the Shadow of Darkness, the evil set to destroy her and her world.
When this terrible malevolence strikes her family, Angelique must find the strength and courage to fight for her life and for those she loves.
Two is a coming of age story, but one in which we can all draw hope because of the courage and integrity of Angelique. Her profound beauty and inspired life draw us through the story and into a world full of hope.
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In the grand tradition of the Golden Age of Science Fiction where we wondered at the worlds of HG Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs, rising star Robert Gibson brings us this tale of the planet Mercury and a teenager mysteriously transported there.

Hugh Dent awakes to find himself in an alien body where he has been living a parallel life as an inhabitant of Mercury – and what's more, it's the legendary, disproved, Twilight Belt version! Memories slowly return of his alternate life on this harsh world, and in the course of his adventures he meets other transplanted 'Earthminds'. Taken captive, Hugh and his friends must find a way of saving not only their own lives but also the future of Earth itself: for, terrifyingly, life on Earth is next on the list to be 'disproved' – in fact, as some readers may have noticed, the doom has begun....

Paying homage to such classics as the Barsoom novels and The First Men in the Moon, Valeddom paints a vivid tale of wonder and adventure and a welcome return to the thrill of discovering new worlds. Classic Science Fiction at its best.
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A Hockey Nightmare
Following his child-hood dreams of playing hockey professionally, Canadian born super star, Steve Horn lands a deal to play for a team in Austria. It sounds like the perfect way to start his hockey career. That is until Steve realizes European hockey isn't quite the same as it is in his home country. Not only is his team ran by the mafia, but the dark holds secrets of its own. Steve has to watch his back on and off the ice. Strange people start following him home at night, and Steve tries to get to the bottom of it. When he finally realizes what he is facing it's too late. He has found out too much. His new discovery puts his life at risk, and they want him dead. Steve finds himself in the race of his life. If they catch him... Well, scoring goals will the least of his problems.

Realm of The Mystiques
"What do you say when someone tells you that you are here to save the world?

Shy and withdrawn Serenity has grown up in a small community where everyone knows everyone. When tragedy strikes, she goes from being a resigned and defenceless human; someone always tormented by her childhood bully, to a lady of the court on the House of Vampires in the Mystical Realm who has been prophesized to tip the scale between good and evil.

The Healer's Prophecy
"She, who has only three quarters of the strongest blood would be separated from her family, save the enemy, watch the sacrifice, kill her lover, acquaintance with all races and seek to heal. The devil six will be conquered to pronounce the peace of wolf race. Tortures to suffer, sadness to endure, tiredness to persevere, killing to make, love to deny and happiness to be revived." Am I that healer in what was supposed to be a myth?

Karen and the Micro-Buddies
After discovering a magical way to enter her culture flask, Karen met Buddy. Together, they are in for a thrilling and fun ride to explore the microbial world in the flask. Holding Buddy's flagellum, a friendship develops between Karen and Buddy. When Buddy's gang is dying, Karen's skills as a microbial researcher are put to test. What is killing Buddy's gang? What does Karen do to help? Blended in the thrilling adventure of Karen and the charismatic micro-buddies is the real world of microbial ecology and research. This is presented in a simple and comprehensible manner. Come on in to experience the thrills and fun of adventure and science!
Sally Kuzniewski has written the most exciting science based fantasy story we've ever read. Using her experience as a micro-biologist Sally has created a world inside a world, where the bacteria she has worked with for years need her help to rescue them from some deadly opponents.

An exciting dip into the world of science fiction and a completely new way of viewing the world - from the bacteria's point of view! I've never read anything like it - great fun and the mix of science with a good traditional thriller type plot makes it fresh and recognizable all at once.
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Sisters of Mia
Authors comments:
The world we live in is changing at an accelerated pace in all areas of our lives especially scientific advances.
What is Science fiction today may be factual tomorrow.
H.G. Wells and Jules Verne both had the vision of where their immediate future lay, with many of their ideas branded as impossible, are now part of our everyday lives. Just take the mobile phone as an example.
The story is an emotional journey of passion, intrigue and high drama, and asks questions about where our world is heading and how vulnerable we might be if we are not alone in the universe.
This will appeal to Sci fi enthusiasts, but will also be enjoyed by the romantic and mystery seekers.
There is a moral to this story that should make you think!
Please enjoy the story, you can tweet me @Smithclive with your comments.
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Romeo & Juliet is one of the most beautiful and best known stories in the world. However, until now, we have only ever heard one side of the tale. New documents have emerged that tell the tale from a different perspective. A direct and hitherto unknown witness.
Benvilio Montague, successful banker and head of one of the most powerful families in Verona, sits on his balcony and settles down to write his recollections of the events surrounding the tragic deaths of these two young lovers. As his memoirs unfold it becomes clear that there was much that was never revealed in the original texts.
Benvilio has guarded his secret for most of his life but now, in his twilight years, he fights with painful memories to complete the manuscript and tell the truth of what happened all those years before. If only the nightmares will allow him to finish.
David Kazelli presents us with this remarkable story that will make you question everything you thought you knew about two of the best loved characters in the literary world.
""A quite extraordinary and insightful piece of work."" The Book Reviewer.
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Land Of The Awoken
How would you handle it when your faithful dog started to speak to you after a nasty blow to the head? You'd probably not want to take the event too seriously...
However, when that dog is joined by countless others, from hog people to bird warriors, all who claim you are the reincarnation of their greatest wizard, you might find life a little harder to handle...
A boy, Callum, discovers he is one of the Awoken. Mortals who can see the magical world beyond our own and more importantly, can cross over. But he is not just another normal Awoken, is he a wizard who must embark on a quest to travel to the Land of Fading Light to defeat Dark Lord Dalmar, a powerful wizard who threatens the existence of both worlds.

The Quest Of Captain Ernst
Hermann Winke, the brilliant inventor of the Magnobile is dead, and the manner of his death is shrouded in mystery. In his will, he leaves his valuable papers to his only son, Ernst, who has just returned from years in the Amazon jungle. At Hermann’s funeral in London, Bill, Sonia, Ben and Tim meet the mysterious Ernst.

Having helped the Martian people defeat Zigismo, the evil dictator of Zeronera, and having saved the world from annihilation by the massive asteroid, appropriately named Attila, Bill and his friends have been asked by Zeris, the Chief Elder of Similaria, to undertake a dangerous mission that involves travelling back in time, a mission that no Martian would dare to even contemplate.

The Prophecy
An astounding new vampire novel by Sarah Luddington, set in contemporary London. Forget sparkly children vampires playing with werewolf puppies. This book is for adults who miss the real bite of the vampire. Esme is a successful business woman who meets her destiny after drinking too much in a London bar. Her destiny is Cursian, a vampire. Handsome, cursed, dark and utterly compelling. Their lives are governed by the Prophecy. A sorry tale where they are a part of seven pairs of Guardians, who maintain the balance between good and evil. Unfortunately something is hunting these Guardians and Cursian is next.

Albion Rising
It is two and a half centuries since the ice-caps melted and the tsunamis and the hurricanes swept the globe, wiping out seven billion souls; and the soaring, searing temperatures turned the bulk of the globe into a scorching desert. Only the Dons of Oxford had the foresight to prepare for the cataclysm, and in the aftermath they nurtured and guided the emerging human settlements.
Then the Norwegians arrived in their ships, and trade, commerce and civilization began to flourish in brotherhood. Until…

The Fury
Bridgette Celine is a private Investigator hired by a Mafia boss to keep tabs on his daughter, recently lured into a East Harlem clairvoyants' society. Bridge soon learns that the Society is a front for a murderous crack gang. Their network is empowered by a phantasmal hyena leaving death and destruction in its wake. Bridge soon finds out that this is all part of a centuries-old prophecy that reaches back to her own family roots. She comes face-to-face with her own dark heritage in uncovering a plot that may establish a Satanic kingdom in 21st century New York City.

A Punch Line
A story about my life? What a great idea! Certainly more interesting than those boring memoirs
of politicians. At least I’m not trying to excuse my stupid mistakes.
Mister Punch

He doesn’t deserve a whole book. He is just a lazy do-no-good. I bet he sits somewhere in a pub
right now. Drinking away all the meagre income we are making. Just wait until he comes home.
I’ll give him what-for!
Judith, unfortunately Punch’s wife

I wish that I had thought of writing a book about the little fellow. How much I could have
satirized the world around us. Long live Punch!
Henry Fielding

I’m totally confused! You humans let a little wooden nobody make fun of you, and you even
laugh about it! Can someone please explain?
XY4, visitor from planet Straightface

Burn him! Burn him! He should not be allowed to speak another word! Into the flames with him!
Together with all the copies of his story! They are the enemies of my new world order!
Adolf Hitler

Secret Of The Red Planet
Bill Steadman is just an average teenager with dreams of interplanetary adventure.
Then one day those dreams explode into reality as he is whisked off to Mars, where he is welcomed by a race of humans who have developed a unique and peaceful way of life. He is shown the wonders of The Red Planet and learns their deepest secrets, some terrible secrets that might just mean the end of their existence and perhaps even mankind’s existence on Planet Earth.
When he returns to Earth with the help of his new Martian friends, he finds himself the victim of greed and betrayal. He also has to face the American secret service, who want him silenced – permanently, and the Russians, who want his secrets to achieve their cosmic ambitions. Will his Martian friends tune in to his pleas and arrive in time to save him?

Confrontations of The Three
As the knife cuts, Shabwan is divided and is no longer one, but three. Vericoos the sorcerer forces these disorientated divisions through the three doors of the chamber. Beyond the doors lie the three dimensions that the tyrannical, megalomaniac God, Veo, has unwittingly created. If Shabwan's divisions cannot defeat him in these three hugely different but equally as terrifying places, then the God will emerge whole, and the work he started, oh so long ago, will be his to complete. The vast level of destruction he craves is unclear, even to those who trusted him. As Vericoos waits, hoping against hope that his mortal enemy will not find him in time, The Romantic must now face the Fool, The Fool must now face The Trickster and The Reluctant Hero must now face The Conqueror.

Mirador's Fantasmagoria
Mirador Publishing invited submissions of short stories celebrating the Weird and the Wonderful. We were overwhelmed by the number and the quality of entries. Choosing the winners proved to be a monumental task. Our criteria centred on the gifts of story telling and imagination. We believe these should be the overriding considerations, for the exploration of the human condition through the story telling process. We take great pleasure in presenting this selection by some of the world's most promising new writers and we look forward to working with these immensely talented story tellers on future projects. Have fun and lose yourself in the wonderful Mirador Fantasmagoria.

Many Sun-Turnings have passed since the Ardhu the Stone Lord inherited the kingship of Prydn. His illegitimate son Mordraed seeks his father’s hall on the Great Plain, and a place among the famed warriors of Kham-el-Ard, but his appearance brings a shadow and a doubt.
With his power waning and the land beginning to fail, Ardhu must lead his warriors on a final journey to retrieve a golden Cup, which the Maimed King of the Wasteland foretells will unite a crumbling kingdom.
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Fia The Envoy
Humankind continues to stumble from conflict to conflict. The masses unaware they are pawns in a much bigger game. An enemy has lurked in the shade, pulling the strings that continually tear our world apart. We know the enemy! But we deny their existence, because we can't see them. One family can see them, feel them, and walk amongst them however they have been annihilated. The enemy ensured it! 
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The Gift
Transformed by a primitive magic beyond a civilized man's understanding, I was given a horrible gift that no man should possess... It held me, twisted me, turning me at its bidding. I was enslaved by its power, compelled to devour the souls of the dead until I became the monster of my fears. I have seen things I wish never to see again. I have done things of which I wish never to speak. Yet I must if I am to find the answers to fulfill my hope.
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In 1968, Adrian Roy brutally murdered his young niece, Elspeth. In an act of unspeakable cruelty, he dosed her with LSD beforehand. Her body died, but something in the entheogenic drug propelled her soul into the land of sleep. She became a dream. Meanwhile, in modern-day Cardiff, Oliver Ryan is unable to get a girlfriend. At the age of thirty-two he still wets the bed. Every few weeks he receives a visitation whilst his body is held prisoner by sleep paralysis.

Maiden Fair
When Frank and Mattie find they cannot have children of their own they hire a surrogate, but in a twist of fate Mattie then falls pregnant. Fearing the surrogate's child will become an unwelcome intruder in their family, Mattie hires a killer to resolve the problem. What she didn't count on was Emil, a half demon with a taste for blood, now unleashed by the senseless murder and with vengeance in what remains of his mind.
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Love Hurts
The Cornish town of Redcliffe is a beautiful seaside resort. It has wild sea, rambling forests, mysterious cliffs, and a local powerful werewolf pack. Jessica Stone is blissfully happy running a bookshop with her best friend and business partner, Elizabeth Gormond. When Detective Jack Mason sweeps Jessica off her feet, she cannot understand the hostility towards him from her gay best friend Simon Bunce. Eventually Jessica realises that there is more to Jack Mason than meets the eye, and then she meets his identical twin brother, Danny. She is drawn into their dangerous lives by their enemy, a powerful werewolf determined to overthrow the pack leader. Jessica's world is turned upside down as she discovers that all is not as it seems in this picturesque resort, and there are many painful lessons to be learnt about falling in love...

Redemption of The Sword
Redemption of the sword War has come! Enemy armies ravage the kingdom of Remada leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake. After surviving the slaughter at Vangor, veteran war hero Teren Rad and his son, Eryn, continue the search for Eryn's fiancée, Tayla. Abducted by slavers she is being dragged through the wastelands of the east, a land inhabited by a treacherous and dangerous people known as the Salandori. When Teren is also captured, Eryn is forced to choose between rescuing his fiancée or his father.
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Destiny Of The Sword
War is coming!

High in the mountains of Remada and far from the machinations of kings and tyrants, Teren Rad, one of Remada’s greatest ever war heroes, leads a lonely and guilt-ridden life. Consumed by grief after his wife is taken by slavers, he has turned his back on the world, leaving his brother to raise his children.
However, in a cruel twist of fate raiders again threaten his old home, forcing him to choose between his duty and his life of solitude.
Determined not to fail again, he sets off to help but soon learns that one of his daughters is also a victim of the slavers. Worse still, his son Eryn, has set off in pursuit.
Against the backdrop of an imminent invasion, Teren must firstly find his son and then rescue his daughter before she disappears forever.
But war breaks out.
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Satanic Diaries
Satan isn't happy. His wife's left him, his Chief Of Security's gone round the bend and, to top it all off, his psychiatrist is making him keep a diary. Angry, resentful and unable to cope with life Satan has no choice but to run away and start afresh. But is it possible to start again when you're the Lord Of Hell? And what will happen to his kingdom whilst he's gone? One thing's for sure - it's going to be a Hell of a ride. 'The most irreverent, laugh-out-loud book about Satan you are ever going to read'
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Divisions Of The Knife
'What The World Does When The Magic Dies...'
The knife was made thousands of years ago and it was completely unremarkable, save perhaps for its stupidity. Now a young man named Shabwan from the western arm of Corne, the most rural and unassuming area of Svin, must travel through the forest and over the mountains to complete the most impossible of tasks, all because of this one knife... And all he wanted to do was addle his mind at his local music festival.

The Diary
"If you have found this Diary, I beg you; put it back into the sepulchre where it was buried. Do not read it! Open the gateway into the Apport's world and nothing, or no one, can save you." Two lovers who have wished for the perfect English home, for their perfect English family, finally find it thanks to a strange meeting during an accidental visit to a lovely village. When they move into their perfect house, Shannon Mulberry finds an old leather bound diary with a note attached which is just too tempting to the aspiring author. She opens the old book... ...And The Diary releases its terrible truth.
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The Blood Crowned Dragon
Queen Dyairities rules Cyfris with an iron fist. Standing solitary as the remaining witch in all Cyfris, she wields her everlasting powers with destructive force by scattering the rebel centaur forces, plunging the elves into thievery, and careening the humans into miserable poverty. Eliminating the remaining witches in the Opius War was only phase one. Phase two was to gain immortality only the dragons could provide with their pure and fiery souls. With her secrets stashed away safely with a curse only breakable with the help of three keys, she was unstoppable. Until the moment Dyairities feels a tremor of magic within Cyfris that threatens to upturn everything she worked for.

I am a vampire. I feed, I fight, I follow orders and I am good at my job.
However, I once betrayed my Master and paid a heavy price. He loves me but can he trust me? For I am torn between nature and nurture.
I now have to question my very existence in order to save humanity and vampire kind from the strangest threat yet. The demons in hell, the fallen angels, have decided to return to the Host and the only way they can do that is by killing us all. Lucifer has decided to use me to stop them.
Can I prevent this madness if I find a way to survive the insanity and recover true compassion once more? Not an easy task for a monster, who just wants to follow her hunger

Tears For Eternity
On Ipri-Axis there exists a structure simply referred to as the 'Temple'. What it contains is completely unknown as it has been shut for all recorded history; all knowledge of its builders and when it first appeared, are shrouded in mystery.
One piece of latent knowledge though, does persists, a powerful legend that says it houses an Oracle with the power to communicate directly with God.
Prior to the unexpected arrival of Professor Michael Henniker with the first of three encrypted keys needed to reopen the monument, no Iprian authority had seriously entertained the one question guaranteed to send shudders of fear through its tyrannical ranks.....what if the legend has some basis in fact ...what if the Oracle is real and still alive? And, what might it reveal if set free?

Bizarre Letters of St John Morris
To tread the path that Alice feared...
St John Morris likes to explore. Except the frontiers he challenges are not those of the jungles or the seas, nor even the outer reaches of space. Those paths are well trodden now. St John Morris likes to explore the last of the great territories, the ones we all fear, the ones we stumble upon then retreat lest we never find our way back. St John likes to explore the inside of his head. But this time he may have gone too far and like Alice before him, he faces a bewildering world with no apparent way home.
Tempted into this world not by the entreaties of a White Rabbit but by his psychologist, St John encounters an increasingly bizarre world where television celebrities hold the threads of Atropos and the devil demands poetry for safe passage

Fire House
The Fire House is a thrilling and beautiful story of a young girl branching out into the world for the first time. What Lily doesn't know is secret her family have kept for years, she is a princess stolen from Tarot, another world where magic is not only real but natural.
Euan, is sent from Tarot to hunt her down but in the process discovers his own terrible secrets and falls in love with the forbidden.
Together they must face a man who is driven mad with dark magic and jealousy. His hatred finally resurfaces and a great battle ensues which encompasses two worlds and changes their lives forever. Lily must find the strength to survive a traitor's desire and true love's passion.

Love Redeems
Life has changed forever in Redcliffe, Cornwall. Jessica Stone used to be a normal, happy human. Now she is an angry, conflicted and confused witch. It all happened when she met Detective Jack Mason and his identical twin brother Danny. Jessica almost died twice, fell into a love triangle, and she became a murderer. Now she faces the ultimate challenge as she continues the fight to save the man she loves, while struggling with her lust for his werewolf brother and their vampire friend. Can she survive? Or will love finally end her life completely?

A History Of The Devil
The novelist, Neil Mann believes he knows what Hell feels like, his wife and son are dead. His life is over, he's just waiting for the booze to finish him off. The dreams are the worst, his wife in glorious technicolour but never there when he wakes. In his desperate loneliness he finally begins writing a new novel, desperate to escape his reality. The story pours from the depths of his soul...
Once I stood at God's elbow, now I am a monster, a victim of His wrath. My brothers and I are alone but we have found our mission, mankind. God might see human beings as playthings but I see them as being truly capable of greatness. I want humanity to grow beyond the constraints forced upon it. I want to save mankind from the fate it feels condemned to suffer. Not every gospel is written by the victors, this one is mine.

"After careful consideration and contemplation involving far too much alcohol I am resigned to the fact that I hate my life. I am a single thirty-one year old woman, living alone in my two bed terrace on the outskirts of Leeds. I have no job and three failed relationships, the last ending when the bastard bit me, seriously, this guy drew blood." Faith Thomlinson's life isn't living up to expectations, her dull monotonous life had been interrupted by the wealthy enigmatic Jonathan. It's a shame that he isn't all he seems, or is that he is more than he seems? Jonathan holds a bloody secret that will endanger Faith's life and challenge everything she thinks she knows. Adele Carrington is the new name in Urban Fantasy. A truly British book that takes you on page turning journey of Denial

Operation Stargazer
Bill Steadman and his friends may still be average teenagers, but now the grave responsibility of saving Planet Earth has landed squarely on their young shoulders.
Operation Stargazer is the sequel to Secret of the Red Planet, and the second book in The Mars Series. It tells how Bill and Sonia, together with their friends, Ben and Tim, involve themselves in the battle to save Mars from Zigismo, the evil dictator of Zeronera, who is intent on enslaving the inhabitants of the Red Planet. And other challenges await them. The Zoggs, a race of strange beings from another solar system, aim to use Zigismo to conquer Mars and use it as a springboard to attack our own beautiful planet. And the ultimate adversity; a huge, dark and dreadful asteroid is reported to be on a collision course with the Earth.

Einstein's Dice
The Priesthood are ruthless, self appointed guardians of an ancient temple that dominates the landscape above Ipri City. Closed and inaccessible for eons, it is said to contain a medium through which the priests may commune directly with God.
In truth, nobody has any idea what the Temple actually houses, but the legend is exploited by the Guardian Priesthood to validate the cruel subjugation of their citizens.
Ipri’s planetary neighbours have rejected religion and pursue an experiment to create their own universe. Somehow, this is sabotaged with catastrophic results.

Endless Tides
When war between the two great nations, Mandra and Genko, threatens the small desert city of Thieron, Captain Laike Skyheart of Thieron's Division Four isn't initially concerned. However, after finding a mythological jewel on one of his routine missions he fears it is only a matter of time before he is called to duty. He is correct and is charged with protecting his nation. There's just one problem; to him, it doesn't seem like much of an adventure
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The Reaper's Challenge
"The Haze is on its way. That means if I kill you now you'll come back to life. Have you ever felt the pain of death? I have. I know the agony that shoots through your body when your heart stops beating. I know the terror in the dark when you pass over, and I know the gut wrenching depression of coming back to life. If you don't tell me who ordered the hit, and who your commander is I'll kill you. Then, I'll wait for you to come back and I'll kill you again.
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Stowaway To The Stars
Larry is an undercover agent for the Interstellar Exploration Programme, when he stumbles on a covert operation by Zilon, a ruthless member of the Galactic Union. He finds himself framed by the Ziloni and a fugitive from the Union. Karen is seeking the man responsible for the death of her sister. But one simple case of mistaken identity, and a reckless decision suddenly sees her life in turmoil. She discovers that she is a stowaway on Larry's spacecraft and her future is now irrevocably linked to his. Larry's future looks bleak. His only chance of finding evidence that will clear his name entails a near-suicidal invasion of a Ziloni military base. Karen has no choice but to accompany Larry on his mission, where she is thrown into the strange environment of the Union. Together they face the ultimate test as they battle with the collective might of the Ziloni and the Galactic Union.

After an experiment into telekinesis and the power of the mind, Duncan Wemyss finds himself transported to a terrifying new world. A planet with an absolute "up" and "down", a place where lower latitudes tilt ever more wildly towards an infinite drop into the abyss of deep space. Topland, the territories around the North Pole, are the only level spaces and fiercely defended against the invaders from below. Desperate to escape their precarious existence on the fantastic gradients of the South, the monstrous creatures of the lower latitudes launch an invasion of the North. The story recalls the sense of wonder created in masterpieces such as Rendezvous with Rama and Ringworld. Robert Gibson evokes the golden age of Science Fiction.
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Love Kills
The pretty seaside resort of Redcliffe in Cornwall is a lot more dangerous than you might think. Especially if you fall in love with a vampire and become entangled with his twin brother’s werewolf pack.
Bookshop owner Jessica Stone did just that, against her better judgement, and while recovering from a horrific werewolf attack she is haunted by the creator of the vampire she loves. Jack Mason’s vengeful master does not share easily, and Emily Rose will return to kill her rival and reclaim her consort.
Jessica has her own secrets, however, and they are about to be revealed as she discovers her true heritage as a witch. She soon finds out exactly how powerful she could become, and what lengths she is willing to reach to save the vampire she loves.

Sanjukta And The Box Of Souls
Cornelius Phipps is a man caught in a web of despair.

Utkena is a demon seeking vengeance.

Sanjukta is a woman striving for justice.

The moment she is born during a terrible storm, which also sees the death of her mother, Sanjukta’s destiny is sealed. Half Native American Indian, she is given the gifts necessary to fight an evil created by the Nations but used by the White Man.

Her life becomes a battlefield. Both in the Court House, where she fights for the rights of her people becoming a renown lawyer, and in the spirit plane. Here, in this truly dangerous place, she must find the strength to survive heartbreak and evil. With cunning, bravery and the knowledge that true love must find a way to survive in a dark world, she faces her demons…
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The Commuter's Collection
These whispering dark tales walk through a maze of worlds which will beguile and haunt. A little something to divorce the weary traveller from the mundane rat-tat of the train or the squeal of the brake on the bus. Take the hand which is offered and wander the maze for moments or hours. Just know that the journey might never make your world feel quite the same again...

Tales Of Terror For A Dark Night
Ghosts, monsters and demons aren’t real are they; they’re just made up to frighten children at Halloween?
Or are they? What if that creaking floorboard upstairs isn’t caused by the house settling? What if that banging shutter isn’t down to the wind and what if that cold spot in your lounge isn’t because of a draught?
Maybe you’re not alone after all. Maybe something is watching you right now. Something evil.
Lock your doors, draw the curtains and prepare to be terrified as tales of terror for a dark night, by prize winning author J. Jones, takes you on a harrowing journey through the realms of the supernatural.
Vengeful ghosts, demons and small furry monsters that live in the loft, all lurk within the pages waiting to haunt your dreams.
Read on if you dare, but remember to leave the light on tonight.

Just in case...
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The Last Train
'All aboard, one stop only, destination unknown,' announces the Conductor, smiling an eerie, almost sinister sneer as the train departs. And so the nightmare journey begins... Six strangers' lives will unfold as the phantom train travels into the abyss and they discover that each of them possesses a ticket that is stamped ONE WAY ONLY - NO RETURN JOURNEY. Who amongst them has the darkest secret? Be careful what you do in life and how you hide your sins for the LAST TRAIN will always come to collect... Are you brave enough to mount the step, close the carriage door and await the final judgement aboard THE LAST TRAIN?
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Murmurs In The NIght
Terrors await in the night. The ordinary becomes strange, mundane becomes unbelievable, normality flips into horror and life abruptly slips towards death - or worse. Murmurs in the Night is a collection of stories about people - good and evil - coping with disturbing incidents that often begin with the commonplace... A driver alone at night on a highway is puzzled when his radio switches off by itself; a woman walking home through a park looks back and sees the loudly argumentative couple behind her is just one person. A natural inheritor of the crown first forged by the great Roald Dahl

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