Sisters of Mia

Sisiter of Mia 500
The world we live in is changing at an accelerated pace in all areas of our lives especially scientific advances.
What is Science Fiction today may be factual tomorrow.
H.G Wells and Jules Verne both had the vision of where their immediate future lay, with many of their ideas branded as impossible, are now part of our everyday lives. Just take the mobile phone as an example.


The story is an emotional journey of passion, intrigue and high drama, and asks questions about where our world is heading and how vulnerable we might be if we are not alone in the universe.
This will appeal to Sci fi enthusiasts, but will also be enjoyed by the romantic and mystery seekers.
There is a moral to this story that should make you think!
Please enjoy the story, you can tweet me @Smithclive with your comments.
The author is donating all his royalties from this book to the Macmillan cancer charity.
Please help support his fine work

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