Slanted 500SLANTED is a tapestry of satire and drama, love and romance, crime and redemption, and unexpected success.

It will make readers laugh out loud, and at times wipe tears from their eyes—tears not of sadness, but of joy.

The story is woven around the humorous dialogue and slanted antics of Aunt Hattie, who is as hilarious as she can be verbally brutal—due to candor not malice.

The voice of the novel is Aunt Hattie’s niece, Sam. Among a variety of events that take place in the novel, such as a brutal crime and a small business that balloons into a large corporation, it is partially a poignant tale of Hattie’s return to sanity thanks to the nurturing love from a man who is patient enough to bring her back to normalcy.

Sam weaves her personal story around the influence Aunt Hattie had on her life as she grows out of her teenage years into adulthood and encounters her own challenges and successes.

DIANE PALEY, author of SLANTED, loves golf, and playing the piano and flute. She paints with oils and watercolors, and draws with charcoal and colored pencils. Her current passion is writing fiction novels in a variety of genres.

DIANE’s first novel, BACKING AWAY FORWARD, was published in January, 2015. SLANTED, her second novel, is written in a completely different genre.

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