Tales Of Terror

Tales of terror 500Ghosts, monsters and demons aren’t real are they; they’re just made up to frighten children at Halloween?

Or are they? What if that creaking floorboard upstairs isn’t caused by the house settling? What if that banging shutter isn’t down to the wind and what if that cold spot in your lounge isn’t because of a draught?

Maybe you’re not alone after all. Maybe something is watching you right now. Something evil.



Lock your doors, draw the curtains and prepare to be terrified as tales of terror for a dark night, by prize winning author J. Jones, takes you on a harrowing journey through the realms of the supernatural.

Vengeful ghosts, demons and small furry monsters that live in the loft, all lurk within the pages waiting to haunt your dreams.

Read on if you dare, but remember to leave the light on tonight.

Just in case…

 Meet The Author

 After being made redundant from his job in financial services in 1990, Jeff did a Norman Tebbit and got on his bike and went looking for work. He eventually ended up in East Anglia where he still resides with his wife, two grown up children and an over active Border Collie.


He has always had a passion for writing, but was only able to take it up again seriously following a change in circumstances a few years ago.


His initial intention was just to entertain people, but after about eighteen months of honing his craft he began to win writing competitions and hasn’t looked back since. To date he has written over a hundred short stories, mostly in the ghost/horror genre and some fifty of these have been published either in print anthologies or online.


He has now also fulfilled one of his lifetime ambitions by publishing his debut novel, Destiny of the sword, the first in a series called the Chronicles of Arkadia.

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