The Crossover

Crossover 500 In the English village pub, The Royal Oak in Whimbury, something big is about to happen and it’s going to upset Quiz Night.
The world of the Fairies and the Humans are about to become intertwined forever, drawn together by a very special baby. But first the Fairies need to stop squabbling for a moment and Percy Grumplet has to be persuaded to part with his wool.
Then all that’s needed is for the landlord of the Royal Oak to unite with Spot the Poodle and the Goblin Inventors in time to outwit the Nixies who are busy trying to put the kybosh on the whole affair. Armed only with a packet of crisps and an amplification system the group set out to ensure The Crossover Ritual is performed correctly and the worlds of Fairykind and Humankind are saved from eternal separation. Simple!
Now, where can one find an Egyptian Midwife Fairy when needed?
For lovers of the ‘Left Field’ humour of authors such as Terry Pratchett and Robert Rankin, John Westbrook weaves a magical tale filled with humour and wonderful characters. 
The Crossover is published by Netherworld Books and is available in all good bookshops and online as paperback and eBook in all major formats

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