The Lost Souls

Lost Souls 500

Hakiki is the heir to the throne of Planet Haar, the most spiritually developed planet in the galaxy. Sent to Earth as a testing ground for his soul and to keep him safe from the forthcoming war with the Lost Souls, Hakiki must learn who he is and why he is so special. The Lost Souls is an intriguing crossover novel from Science Fiction into Spiritual Fantasy. The mythology is well developed and feels very real. Hakiki is convincing as the slightly reluctant catalyst in cosmic events that threaten to overwhelm him. The Lost Souls themselves are a terrifying creation and bring a sense of foreboding that permeates throughout.


This is a brave debut novel in that the authors have dared to tread their own path and create their own mythology, eschewing the tired old warhorses of vampires and ghosts.



One thought on “The Lost Souls

  1. I found this book to be very imaginative and compelling. It could use a little editing but seems just right for the pre-teen or young adult readers.

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