Seance 500Two séances, two love stories and two killers linked across time by a single journal.
 In 1890s Shoreditch,  Mary typesets her journal hoping that one day someone will read it and discover the terrifying truth behind the facade of her marriage and her fears as to who her husband might be.
In 1990’s Notting Hill, Theo, the painfully shy owner of a London bookshop discovers it just  before attending a séance with a girl with whom he is secretly in love.
Neither Mary nor Theo are prepared for the events that follow or the ties that will bind then across a hundred years.
Set in modern Notting Hill against the backdrop of a John Christie copy cat murder, Séance is both an intriguing  murder mystery and a haunting love story.
The Seance is published by Belvedere Publishing and is available in all good bookshops and online as paperback and eBook in all major formats

2 thoughts on “Seance

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  2. Intriguing and with an interesting new take on the concept of being haunted. I felt for the main characters throughout and found myself hurrying to the ending which blew my socks off. I will mention that there are a couple of typesetting issues but that did not spoil a really satisfying read. All in all a perfect gem of a book.

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