The Slant

The SlantAfter an experiment into telekinesis and the power of the mind, Duncan Wemyss finds himself transported to a terrifying new world. A planet with an absolute “up” and “down”, a place where lower latitudes tilt ever more wildly towards an infinite drop into the abyss of deep space. Topland, the territories around the North Pole, are the only level spaces and fiercely defended against the invaders from below. Desperate to escape their precarious existence on the fantastic gradients of the South, the monstrous creatures of the lower latitudes launch an invasion of the North. Duncan is thrust into the middle of a violent war and forced to call on talents he never knew he had, talents the Northerners need for their very survival. The Slant is a fantastic novel about an ordinary human forced to survive in an alien environment, a world so extreme its inhabitants have to struggle and fight each day for their survival. The story recalls the sense of wonder created in masterpieces such as Rendezvous with Rama and Ringworld. Robert Gibson evokes the golden age of Science Fiction.

About The Author

Robert Gibson (born 20th January 1954 in London), of Scottish and Belgian ancestry, lives in Windermere, Westmorland, in the north-west of England.

He has degrees from Cambridge and London universities, and won the BBC Mastermind competition in 1998. Currently, apart from writing, he works as a private tutor, helping clients of all ages in a range of subjects. A patriot, he is a member of the UK Independence Party, which is somewhat ironical since he attended primary school in Brussels, has fond memories of that city and still enjoys visits to Belgium to see relations and friends.

His passion for astronomy and science fiction began at age 6 when his mother gave him a Pictorial Encyclopaedia with artists’ renderings of the surfaces of the planets. The word ‘planet’ itself acquired a numinous significance from then onwards.

Another great influence was provided by the planetary romances of Edgar Rice Burroughs. Despite or rather because of their defects, they invite the critic to probe the mystery of story-telling power. Robert Gibson has created his own world-scene for planetary romance: see

He learned Italian in his late teens so as to read Dante’s Divine Comedy. This remains his favourite poem and all-round supreme literary experience.

Current writing plans centre upon completing the Kroth trilogy: volume 2, The Drop; volume 3, The Rise.

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