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Storm Shadow 500Trained as a lethal killer, his luck ran out in the blast of an IED while on patrol in Helmand Province. With his shattered body healed but his Army career at an end, he returned to his home to start life afresh in the rural countryside of south west England.
Little did he realise as he settled back into familiar surroundings and renewed old acquaintances that within a matter of weeks events would decree that his deadly skills would be called upon again.
Far from the searing heat of Afghanistan, this time he faced the enemy in his homeland on the Somerset Levels, through the quiet lanes of Cornwall and across the rolling hills of Exmoor.
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Farin West
Returning after a five year term in prison for a crime he didn't commit, to a town that sanctioned his conviction and to the cattle baron that murdered his father, Farin West was blinded by thoughts of revenge. He had become known as a dangerous man while he did his time at Yuma and even the thieves and killers of that hell hole avoided him.

Now he was going back to seek out those who had ruined his life and destroyed the world he had known. His only edge was that he no longer cared for money, comfort or even a decent life. His only thoughts were to make them pay and pay dearly.
But they knew he was coming and events would take him in many directions before he could finally confront those who had sent him away. His first rule was to trust no one, but he would learn that in order to stay alive long enough to see his plan through, he must come to rely on some old friends.
Out gunned, out numbered and out manoeuvred, he would play a deadly game of cat and mouse, right up to the final confrontation with the Kersey outfit.

The Third Testicle
The Third Testicle is the story of a journey. A journey through the past. A journey through Europe. A journey which touches on drugs, madness, the surreal, on criminal gangs, Police undercover work, busking and international espionage. But above all it is a spiritual journey of unique idiosyncrasy. Or maybe not. It is the story of one Gerald Brantano, a swashbuckling Englishman who sets off on a journey searching for something which will ultimately change his life forever. The end of the world has already been forecast to occur in 2012 by an ancient Andean prophecy and somehow Brantano finds himself in the very place which will supposedly offer shelter from the impending Armageddon.
Watch this space – it lies beyond the world of words!

Julian’s Journeys is a collection of 34 travel stories. These stories are part memoir, part travelogue, and part revelation about the effect travel has on me.
I write stories about the baggage man at Tehran airport who helped me through customs in double-quick time and all for one dollar. I tell the story of the nun at the bus stop in Catania, Sicily, who was incredibly knowledgeable about the local delicacy, mortadella. I describe how I became slowly inebriated in Bulgaria, when one of the locals offered me the opportunity to sample his homemade slivovitz in his garden – all the while we wrote down football results on a piece of paper. I report a conversation I had with a super-smooth carpet-seller in Istanbul, who was always encouraging me to visit his shop.
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Cooper And The Queen
Matt Cooper, a Canadian cop who has been slightly off his game since the death of his wife, heads up the Emergency Response Team in Vancouver and has been training his guys hard for the last six months in preparation for a Royal visit.
The Queen and Prince Philip are on a world tour. Security is tight but the Queen is determined to do what she sees as her duty and as she says, ‘she must be seen to be believed’.
This is 1983 and the Troubles in Ireland are about to cause big trouble for Cooper. Taken off E.R.T. by the Queen’s personal Mountie, his new job is to babysit what Cooper fears will be a sitting target but hey, he’s a few years from retirement and will do as he’s told for now at least.

Coincidence Of The Palm House Murders
Some say that there is no such thing as coincidences, only ‘explanations waiting to happen’. Others maintain that they are an essential part of life’s rich tapestry, and don’t let anyone tell you different.
Whoever is right, the fact is there are plenty of examples all around us. So what happened in Kew Gardens on Thursday 31 July, 2003 wasn’t that exceptional, or was it ? I’ll let you decide.
A terrible genocide in Africa plays out a small part of its tragedy in London. Local C.I.D officer, D.I. Watterson and D.S. Reynolds must find the person who killed a monster. The suspects are all victims of a war the world wants to forget. Can they unravel the complex history of the Tutsi and Hutu to find a murderer?

Scarlet Flows
Detective first grade Timothy Cooper has been given the assignment of nurse-maiding a visiting overtly religious detective on his sabbatical.
He is rueing over this when they stumble on the trail of a killer whose methods begin to give him uncanny déjà vu feelings. He had met this killer before. This killer took his former partner’s life. He killed this killer that day; so why are his dying words suddenly becoming a reality? A set of words that meant a threat: “this is just the beginning…”

Delirium Tremens
Jacob’s life has been ripped apart after the murder of his wife and daughter, leaving his drink-addled mind with a sole purpose; avenging their death by tracking down his brother Caleb and bringing him to justice for the crime he is certain he has committed.
To this end Jacob’s pursuit has washed him up on the streets of Antigua, Guatemala, where he has entered a grim covenant with the intimidating form of Uri. Suffering from the physical and psychological effects of a downward spiral into alcoholism, Jacob is a man in a race against time. Can he reconcile his grief with his fractured past and complete his doomed pilgrimage before he is swallowed up whole by the abyss?

The Seventh Key - eBook
For 16 years, Toby Jones had plodded though life without exerting himself, that is until a letter arrives that turns his whole world on its head.
In three eventful days, he changes from a carefree teenager into an intrepid treasure hunter as he is drawn into the hunt for a stash of diamonds that disappeared a hundred years before. A frantic quest to find the diamonds is set in motion when television historian Lucien Blake arrives at Toby’s school to film a documentary about missing millionaire Thomas Wenlock. When Toby discovers that Wenlock was his great, great grandfather and he is heir to the missing fortune, he realises he has to beat Blake to the diamonds or lose them forever. With the help of four school associates, he embarks on a journey of twists and turns that grows ever more dangerous as a determined Blake pursues them all the way.

Beyond Blue
After burning all bridges, Quinn enters a new world that is incomprehensible but fascinating. Right after his arrival in Tokyo , he gets sucked into a parallel world that is far from the postcard pictures. It is a world of murder, guilt, and lies. Caught in the nightlife of Shinjuku, the only escape becomes the indifferent world of the convenience store. Soon names become only a vague reminiscence of the past, and memory itself is called into question. Without anything reliable left, one starts to wonder which parts of life exist and which are imagined. The only element that remains consistent is jazz. The world becomes untrustworthy, spontaneous, and unpredictable. But only until one goes beyond.

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A Very English Revolution
Joe Barker a journalist receives a message from a long forgotten girlfriend. When Joe replies he discovers Jenny has been killed in a tragic accident. He returns to Manchester to attend the funeral, where he finds Jenny’s younger sister Sarah and a mystery connecting a thirty year old body to the rise of a new pressure group reasserting the Christian faith on an apathetic nation. Convinced that Jenny’s death may not have been an accident Joe and Sarah question why someone might not want the story told.
Across the Pennines in Leeds, a bi-election opens an opportunity for Lucy Sayers, a radical new-look nationalist candidate to win a seat in parliament. Rachel Lancaster, a legal researcher skilled in exposing corruption in local institutions, is suspicious of how far Sayers is prepared to go, to win.

During Guatemala’s bloody civil war, Alfonzo Sanchez was executing peasants and murdering intellectuals with other shady characters; and making serious enemies. Despite this, Sanchez is mayor of Flores since ’84. He now controls: the sale of illegal arms and all drugs moving through Petén; and a team of excellent artefact looters, while making amazing profits. His greatest ambition – to never get caught!
January 2000, twelve people from the international community, including Mike Foster from the RCMP, are eager to get to work. The International Project on Forced Migration and Social Reconstruction After Wars in the Province of Petén – Guatemala, underway since ’97, is now in its last stretch, backed with assurances of full cooperation at all levels governments from Guatemala’s new president.
Sanchez doesn’t like the idea of seeing them dig up the region’s sordid past nor going through its archives and current paperwork. So he ensures that things will go his way, and with the tacit consent from Petén’s Governor, he hopes to make quite the few million bucks doing it.

King of Mekong
Filled with curiosity about the jungles of Vietnam from his father’s war stories, Mick and a group of friends set out on an adventure trip near the Cambodian border countries. But the brochures had neglected to mention the bandit groups who plied their slave trade around the region. With most of the group taken captive Mick escapes and with the help of a local farmer he makes a dash for Ho Chi Minh City to find help. Only once there he discovers he is being hunted by the police as well.
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Reaching Discontent
The line between right and wrong is often blurred in post apartheid Cape Town. Like the country he holds dear, former boxer and now English teacher Iron, is struggling to come to terms with a violent past. When students at the private school in which he teaches become involved in drugs, Iron is plunged headlong into a sequence of events that will change his life, and might just end it. Iron is no stranger to hard choices and the lessons of the struggle for freedom have tempered him. The reappearance of the shadowy Minister; a figure from his past, forces Iron to call on the help of his friend Heed to keep his loved ones safe. Corrupt police, psychotic drug dealers and gang leaders all want Iron consigned to an early grave. But he is not called 'Iron' for nothing. As the violence escalates he attracts the attention of Detective Walker an enigmatic man who might help Iron, or arrest him.

Tor Murders
When Inspector Wesley moved down to the West country he hoped for a quieter life than the one he'd left behind in London. Then Suzie Potter is found strangled on the side of the Tor that stands high above the ruins of Glastonbury Abbey.
When a second body is found less than twenty-fours later, the nightmare is about to unfold.
As Wesley starts to interrogate the owners of Abbey House, even neighbours begin to act suspiciously.
A young student is also reported missing and it becomes apparent that what lies below the Tor may hold the answer. A labyrinth of tunnels, secrets, lies, intrigue and jealousy that stretches back into the past soon casts a tragic pall over the town.
Wesley's powers of investigation are tested to the limit before the Tor and local inhabitants reveal their secrets.

Full Circle
Normandy 1946. In a remote village a young boy is left scarred by witnessing an act of horrific cruelty. Satanists destroy his innocence and set him on a path which plays out in decades later in London. When Inspector John Wesley is handed a letter by private investigator David O'Hara, neither can foresee the sequence of events to follow, or the dangers they will face. Things then become personal for Wesley when a close friend disappears. A web of ongoing corruption and murder takes him half way across Europe where both colleagues and loved ones are endangered. With help from O'Hara, and the police throughout Europe, he pursues those responsible.

The Hand Of God

As predicted the Earth’s magnetic polar shift befell our civilization in the year 2012 devastating our great cities , ending our world as we currently know it . Billions perished as a result and the dwindling population is now cruelly governed by an enforced military regime guided by a dark hand and a darker purpose . Genetic interference prior to the polar shift and in its wake has led to an increase in psychic and physical mutations amongst the survivors , which this dark hand has set out to systematically eradicate . Seventy years on and a group of seven gifted beings , descendants of the original survivors , are inextricably drawn together in a last bid to overthrow this dark overlord and his growing army of “recruits” before the inevitable extinction of humankind reaches its conclusion .

The Electra Conspiracy
British filmmakers Amy Wilde and Jon Curtis just want to make an entertaining documentary about Electra, a pop icon famous for her singing voice and strong opinions about capital punishment and the sale of land mines. Unfortunately, for Amy and Jon, they've chosen the wrong singer at the wrong time. The Brandenburg Sect, a secret group of top Western politicians and businessmen who generally get what they want, decide Electra has to go; her subversive views are too popular with the masses. The Sect has already interfered once in Electra's relationship with the heir to the British throne. Now she is dating a wealthy, powerful Saudi. Security forces under the Sect's control use captured convicted murderers and terrorists to kill for their side on command. Triggers for these re-programmed assassins have been set in Electra's musical recordings

Will You Be My Fantasy?
"I listen once more as the caller orgasms happily and grit my teeth unable to bear the fact that my own fantasies are once more denied. The next one will be mine, I promise myself, and I'll make him taste it all!" Suzanne is just a woman trying to make ends meet after a bad relationship. Her work on the sex chat lines is fun and slightly crazy, she's also very good at it. However, her alter ego - Rose is really the one pulling the... Strings? When Rose has enough of Suzanna's inhibitions she takes over and bodies start to appear all over the city, suffocated while enjoying their final bout of pleasure.

The Puzzle of Grandpops
A businessman inherits a mansion and property from his grandfather who died under mysterious circumstances. The suspicious grandson later moves in and investigates the crime personally. Eventually he begins to suspect the household staff and feels he is getting closer to solving the case.

The Full Stop Artist
In a quiet provincial town in Western France things are about to get interesting…
Hugo, ‘The Full Stop Artist’, plans to assassinate five people in twenty four hours and escape unseen.
Harold wants to kill his parents and inherit his chateau.
Maurice wants to kill both his philandering wife and her lover.
Tifaine wants to kill her father because… well he probably deserves it.
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Shades of Sentiment
A journey through the dark heart of love An exploration of the chains which bound her The pain that broke her And the light that brought her into a new world From the birth of love Toward the heights of passion To the crest of darkness To the darkness of loss And the bright light of rebirth A collection to give hope That we are never alone

A Hierarchy of Reason
Marie George curses her luck as she is involved in a minor road accident, unaware that these are the opening moments of a desperate nightmare to be shared with four strangers, similarly plucked from the streets.

Saving Miguel takes place in the not too distant future when the global economy collapses into the deepest abyss the world has ever known, pushing over seventy-five percent of the world's population into poverty. Most of these people lose everything to this global economic crash: security, money, dreams, and most importantly, hope for their future. Out of the ashes of fallen governments and dreams come a few rich and powerful men to rule over this new world. These new monarchs govern their worldly fiefdoms and subjects through fear and intimidation, establishing a modern-day feudal system rivalling that of Medieval Europe.
As the world plunges deeper into starvation and despair, the people of one monarchy find hope for the future in an eight-year old runaway boy named Miguel Brushnikov, the youngest son of the monarch. When Miguel finds himself alone in the dangerous urban sprawl, his father's search threatens to destroy the city and topple his entire monarchy. While certain groups lie and cheat to profit from Miguel, other groups protect him from the evil that hunts him down. The battle for Miguel rages both on the city streets and in his royal family.
Miguel is just a boy but he is the only hope the world has left...
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A Dangerous Affair
Cassie Templeton leads a perfectly normal life but when her beloved foster brother goes missing somewhere in South America she undertakes a perilous journey to rescue him. Luke Devlin doesn't want to be rescued. In his line of work you quickly learn that when things go wrong you're on your own and he can live, and die, with that. What he can't and won't accept is putting those he loves at risk. Patrick Logan wants to help but knows the chances of seeing his friend alive again are slim. And he doesn't need an enthusiastic amateur getting in the way, especially when he's not sure who he's protecting her for, Devlin or himself. Caught between duty, loyalty and revenge, love can be a dangerous affair.

Murder at Melcham Hall
When two murders occur in the sleepy village of Shepton Mallet, it seems like a straight forward case for Inspector Wesley. However, things become more complex when someone living at Melcham Hall isn't who she claims to be.
Wesley calls upon his friend, private investigator David O'Hara for assistance who uncovers a history of fraud and corruption dating back centuries.
It's only when a sweet old lady disappears do things take on a dramatic twist. Wesley has to use all his experience of human nature to fathom out who is behind this web of deceit..
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A shadowy group dedicated to removing the evil from society by any means. The ultimate sanction and the final resource in the war against those who would do us harm and those who believe they are unreachable.
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Leeway 500Leeway

“Ye know sometimes people wanna tell ye how they feel, but they can’t.”
“Why not?” I ask sadly.
“Because they are afraid of what ye think about them.”
“When you love someone you should be able to say anything. No matter what.”
“Yeah, that’s the theory…”
What happens when a very young and charismatic pirate captain meets an unbelievably annoying and bitchy princess? All hell breaks loose!
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Moves of murder 500The Moves of Murder
An attractive journalist is found dead in a flat in Málaga. A powerful French politician is arrested in London for attempted sexual assault. A brilliant Ukrainian chess master inexplicably loses an important match in the sunshine of Portugal. A respected Spanish priest falls from grace and hints at murder. What dark forces of modern European politics lie behind these apparently unconnected events? The legendary Chief Inspector Miguel Rojas of the Spanish National Guard begins to see strange, unexpected connections.
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Debt Collector 500Debt Collector
What if you were gambling and racked up a huge debt?
How would you pay it off?
What if a gambling syndicate employed collectors who killed in order to gather the money you owed them?
What would you do if they came after you?
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Snoutsfield 500A Snoutsfield Project
Snoutsfield – a long lost derelict village in Sussex is inherited by Donna Preston.
In 1799 Sir Treffry Cardinham is forced to change his name to Sir William Preston. His reasons for doing so resonating into Donna’s life centuries later.
During WWII the now derelict village becomes a covert RAF base called Downland. During 1943 two French airman follow horribly in the dark path Sir William strode long before. Read More

Resurrection of Evil
Was Adolf Hitler still alive when the Russians took the bunker in 1945?
According to history, Hitler committed suicide in April 1945 and the charred remains of both his and Eva Braun’s bodies were recovered by the Russian Secret Police. However rumour has always followed and the 2009 DNA tests only served to deepen the mystery.
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