Tribe 500TRIBE

Among the Rituns, the tribes people of the Hoka Forests, Kit is given a golden opportunity. The opportunity to be free. She only had to stay free from the Elders.

With her exotic new friends, one of which is an adored socialite, Kit accustoms herself to Rituns foreign and erratic way of life.

However, as Dominic seems to be showing less and less interest in her, she can’t shake the feeling that he’s not as in love with her as she had expected. Coupled with the fact there is a gorgeous Ritun girl out to snatch him from under Kit’s nose and a charming seasiun she seems to be getting mixed signals from, Kit is living a life of confusion.

Will Dominic choose the exotic acquaintance over Kit?

Is this seasiun getting too close for comfort?

And will the Elder’s ever find out that the Rituns betrayed them?

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