Valeddom 500_thumbIn the grand tradition of the Golden Age of Science Fiction where we wondered at the worlds of HG Wells and Edgar Rice Burroughs, rising star Robert Gibson brings us this tale of the planet Mercury and a teenager mysteriously transported there.
Hugh Dent awakes to find himself in an alien body where he has been living a parallel life as an inhabitant of Mercury – and what’s more, it’s the legendary, disproved, Twilight Belt version!  Memories slowly return of his alternate life on this harsh world, and in the course of his adventures he meets other transplanted ‘Earthminds’. Taken captive, Hugh and his friends must find a way of saving not only their own lives but also the future of Earth itself: for, terrifyingly, life on Earth is next on the list to be ‘disproved’ – in fact, as some readers may have noticed, the doom has begun….
Paying homage to such classics as the Barsoom novels and The First Men in the Moon, Valeddom paints a vivid tale of wonder and adventure and a welcome return to the thrill of discovering new worlds. Classic Science Fiction at its best. 
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